Family friendly and dog friendly park. there are several trails to take. some paths are not well marked so you can easily get lost. hardly any shade so bring plenty of water, snack, put on sunscreen and hat. it was windy today, 65-75 degree weather...perfect for this hike.

Just like the movies!

This is unlike any place on earth. The landscape looks totally alien. The trail takes you through all the different landscapes and it is easy to leave the trail for an excursion. You can also connect to the Pacific crest trail from this trail. Loads of fun, especially in the spring time.

Very touristy. Tons of trails to follow.

So many trails to explore flat or climbing over the rocks. Go to your left from the lower parking lot if you want to reach the “caves” otherwise it’s a very long way either up and over or around.

21 days ago

I don't think the map is accurate, but we still had a really good time exploring and making it up as we went along

love it.

rock climbing
3 months ago

excellent place to spend the day, hiking, rock climbing, picnic

3 months ago

This place is cool. Definitely going back out there at some point to get some hiking in. This outing we just took our time & walked around-husband is a Star Trek nerd. Lol.

Great quiet hike. Plenty of trail options to circle Vasquez Rocks... please do not litter. Picked up a couple plastic bottles...

It's definitely an excuse for a hike. The Vasquez rocks area has some cool geological formations, cave paintings, great film history, and a labyrinth of trails to explore. Desert landscape isn't much to look at and a good portion of the area is "charmed" by the sound of the 14 Freeway. Little to no shade on any of the trails and the fact that it gets blazing hot makes sunscreen a must. There is some elevation gain depending on how you take the trails, but nothing strenuous. Running through the middle of the park is a little over 2 miles of the PCT that can be explored. If you enjoy being in the wilderness, proximity to civilization (and the freeway in particular) may make this one less enjoyable. However, it's still a good place to get out on a trail for a couple hours. ... oh, and watch your step. Horse poo everywhere.

Got it class of 2017. Night hike the aqua duct section during a full moon. I highly recommend.

So much fun! Love climbing Vazquez rocks.

Very nice geological features and some archeological cave paint.

7 months ago

Love this one. I usually go to the cave. Last time I went, I went off trail. Two helicopter rescues here when for the hike. Areas were steep at times but nothing too crazy. Was with 6 year old and she I made it through with a smile

7 months ago

Vasquez rocks park is a pretty fascinating formation of sedimentary rocks that are sitting at ~45degs. Lots of caves and interesting formations. One negative is that this place gets busy and there are lots of horse trails which means horse crap all over the wider trails. Also the site is a maze of small trails going every possible way ....and thay are not marked, so without a gps or phone app it's easy to just wander around on trails without knowing where you are going or if you are on a trail that will actually get you somewhere. Overall pretty cool but bring lots of water as it gets hot with no shade, and bring your gps or phone for a map of the trail maze.

Two heli rescues today- be safe out there!

8 months ago

Lots of trails for hiking or horseback riding. PCT section runs through here. Not a lot of shade anywhere but it's high desert. There is water running in the creek this year, yay!

Beautiful scenery and some cool vista points! I hiked the pct to the tunnel under the highway and back and it was a really chill, nice hike. Crossed a few small streams and saw many lizards :)

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