Park Features: This stunning 1,249-acre regional park provides tremendous views from the tops of the East Bay hills. The plateau rises quickly and steeply from the bay plain and towers over one thousand feet above the cities below, overlooking Niles Canyon, Fremont, Union City, Newark and the San Francisco Bay beyond. Atop the plateau a pastoral landscape predominates, and golden eagles, hawks, deer, bobcats, frogs, snakes and a variety of other animals make their home in the open grasslands, ponds and steep wooded canyons. These characteristics make the park a great place for outdoor recreation and nature appreciation on the urban/ wildland edge. Open 8:00 am to SUNSET (varies seasonally)

Decent trail, although I tracked it to be only 3.2 miles. Very exposed (all cow pasture) and pretty windy in a few areas. The Upper Ranch Trail is not very well maintained, since most of it is overgrown. Great views. Expect rattlers on warm days.

Just tried to hike this trail, but it appears to be closed.

Beautiful views and lots of friendly hikers.

Easy, no shade, roaming cows kinda scary, great views, prob won’t return

Amazing views

Loved the lush green on this trail..

Pretty wildflowers last weekend, a bit muddy from the rain, lots of cow pies everywhere, easy stroll

Best thing about this trail is, you get to see many buffalos and cows on the way and not very crowded like famous trails like mission peaks. I loved my lonely walk there. I recommend going there with your loved ones once in a while.

Easy hike with nice views! Can get muddy after a rainy day. Free parking with restrooms.

Views : 5 stars. Beautiful views of the bay and the Vargas Plauteu. Green hills after rains.
Trail : 2 stars. The trail is still in the making. Unmarked, muddy at certain spots.
Misc : 1 star. Cows on the trail. We had to change course/U turn on both trails due to mothers protecting calves.
Crowd: 5 stars. No one on the trails.

Hardly saw anyone else on the trail on a weekend! If you are looking for solitude highly recommend this trail.

Views of Fremont, mission peak, Sunol peak. Trails are not well maintained like other regional parks but it not easy to get lost.

fantastic views

Nice hike, great views and amazing birding. My photos are from two different visits;)

Quick and easy with kids (who regularly hike) from ages 3-6. On the day we went it was clear enough to catch a peek at the City.

3 months ago

Beautiful views

Very quiet and peaceful. Beautiful rolling hills.

21 days ago

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