Not too bad of a hike, but no way to really walk down to the hidden lake and no real maps of you get turned around. It was nice and serene though.

Perfect last minute “hike”. You walk along the looped road but there’s a small incline off the road on the far side of the lake that made for a nice detour. There’s also tent camping and picnic tables on the trail that we didn’t know about, going to have to look in to that!

Tried to hike this trail. Was stopped by military on ATVs and told that this area is off limits unless you are connected with Vandenberg Air force Base. This trail is on VAFB and is military property.

Beautiful trail, moderate. You will pass a couple old cars left out there which was interesting. Small steep hill about a half mile in and a small incline back.This trail was pretty well marked but it does narrow in some places near the lake just be cautious of poison oak and bug repellent is a must. We hiked in April and I made the mistake of not wearing. Mosquitos and ticks were apparent. Was able to see the lake but could not get to it due to the marsh around it. Took an hour and half to hike it around. Nice quick hike to get in, I wouldnt recommend small kids under 8.