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the first mile is pretty much uphill on soft drift/sand. it starts of at low elevation and as you climb you get higher and higher. I only made it 1.53 miles in and had to turn around to meet a friend in town. but the last half mile made the first mile worth it!! some ice and snow on the ground. so watch your step.

2 months ago

Great views on the way up with both Lava Tube and Seven Lakes Point for rest stops. It gets really windy at the top and there were a couple of areas where I got nervous about the narrow trail/cliff edges. Alternate option down is to loop around the Seven Lakes Trail.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Drive part of this road going to the Inyo Craters Trail. Will definitely finish it next time

Pretty solid hike with intermittent lovely views along the way. The first chunk is a grunt heading out of the parking area, with some excellent views of the lakes down in the valley basin. There are lots of day hikers in the first part of the hike, but it thins out later.

Headed toward Mammoth Pass you lose tree coverage it can get pretty hot in the sun. Again, there are nice views here. Then you move into long crank up to a bit over 11,000 feet. You lose the views for a while until you get to a point with a great view back down a rocky valley to the floor below.
The three lakes are nice. We had great luck fishing in the lower lake, but didn't see anything in the northern lake, where we camped. Ended up doing a day hike to the ridge looking back down to Lake Mary, which also gave some nice views.

Gorgeous views. Interesting terrain. We loved this hike.

A really wonderful hike with great selection of different scenery. I took a small side ridge to get a view of the flowers in bloom. Definitely worthwhile. Left early to avoid crowds .. and allowed to take my dog off leash

Views and solitude are your payback.

5 months ago

Very nice view from the top of the dome but otherwise an uninteresting trail for me. Maybe because it was so short

Views are extraordinary. Not sure what it takes for a "hard" distinction - 2500 vertical feet in 3 miles seems hard. Sliding down through a section of snow towards the top was a little tricky. Trail well marked. 6 miles round trip from trailhead to Gondola tower.

Beautiful view throughout and perfect for all ages!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Water level is high and lake is beautiful. A little snow remains. This was so much fun to mountain bike I did the loop twice.

Good first hike when arriving at this elevation. I did not do the return portion of the round trip. Instead I walked into town on Sherwin Creek Road so I missed the up-hill portion of the hike. As a result, it was an easy hike.

5 months ago

Fun Short Hike... here is the video I did from the hike and the top of the dome.


Amazing trail. at the top continue on to the top of the Mammoth Mountain to make it a greater challenge. Best part was the young buck leading us up the trail

Amazing views of the Lakes Basin! It was toward the end of July and there was a giant snowbank that had to be crossed.

Simple hike.
Not a hike if you want to be away from people and enjoy the peacefulness of the mountains.

5 months ago

Lots of xc runners and mountain bikers present. Can't really blame them as this is better suited for trail running and biking. Enjoyable trail, relatively mellow with some nice views of the valley and ski area. Feel like it should be rated as "easy" though. The gain is only noticeable on your return assuming a start at old mammoth road. Saw a good sized buck near Sherwin Creek Road.

Beautiful hike around the lake - as of today, parts of the trail are still covered in snow! Nice and level trail with creek crossings. One of my favorites - you can ride the lakes trolley up to it to make it totally relaxing.

Trail was busy and partially closed due to flooding when I went, but very enjoyable. Beautiful weather and still snow in the middle of summer!

Lost the trail a little towards the start due to snow still on the ground, but amazing views along the way!!

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