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mountain biking
8 days ago

I gave this a 5 because it was an awesome panoramic view for modest effort. We hiked the bike trails up across from the upper lot at Twin Lakes because they did not want people back where the heavy equipment was clearing and reconstructing Lake Mary Rd. You need to keep an eye out on the right for the sign for the hiking trail. It is not a can't miss type of thing.. A bit of a snow scramble towards the top, but the effort was well worth it. Saw deer and a big cat pawprint along the way.

11 days ago

20 days ago

We were able to hike most of the way through the meadow and sagebrush and forest, but did stop at a big pile of snow blocking the path before we could see Mammoth Rock. However, it didn't matter to us because it was a beautiful trail. The best part though was all the deer! We were walking at around 4pm and saw at least 14 deer happily munching their dinner and watching us walk past. We had a great afternoon.

25 days ago

Pretty straight forward climb around the golf course and past the Snowcreek properties to bring you right up to Mammoth Rock. Pretty sandy at the beginning of the trail. This time of year there are still patches of snow with some being pretty significant. Some you can walk right over, others are too difficult and you'll need to walk around the snow to get past. Then right before the bend in the trail that sets you up for a straight shot at the Rock, there's steep, icy snow blocking the entire path and no routes around it exists (as of today). I had to stop at that point as I was ill prepared. If anyone is planning on doing this trail in the next week or two it might be a wise idea to bring some crampons and maybe even an ice ax to help lean on.

There are some beautiful wildflowers along the trail (especially at the beginning) and tons of opportunities to photograph wildlife. Came up on quite a number of deer during 5 or so encounters with them. Was never able to get a stable picture of them so I decided to go slow and quite. That's when I came across a blonde colored bear roughly 100ft. ahead climbing up towards the trail. So I backtracked a bit, "got loud", and started heading back in his direction. Pretty amazing sight.

There are TONS of deer out here right now due to the massive migration that just happened.

Easy peasy scenic trail with amazing lake views

Nice hike! However, the USGS map - and this one! - does not show the correct route from Deer Lakes to Duck Pass. The actual route, which can be seen on Google Earth, goes up a hikers' trail through the talus above Upper Deer Lake, and onto a sandy flat area at 11,150'. The trail up the talus starts at about the 10,920' contour. Then you continue E on faint trails until you reach Duck Pass.

on Mammoth Rock Trail

2 months ago

on Mammoth Rock Trail

2 months ago

scenic driving
3 months ago

Used as a cut through to the main road as we were leaving Mammoth and wanted to stop and take the Inyo Craters trail - scenic drive through some pine forest, dry sandy soil, views of the Sierras and some neat geothermal features.

7 months ago

There are beautiful views of lakes and creeks and mountains. Lots of shaded areas.

Great workout. Beautiful vistas.

Somewhat strenuous, but well worth the effort to find as well as hike. Mostly uphill to the views at trails end, then back downhill.

Easy hike for beginners or those coming up to Mammoth from sea level. Beautiful scenery!