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12 days ago

A pleasant loop that takes you to an 1,000 ft elevation for great views of the Las Virgenes Open Space.
Best done during weekdays, when it's nice and quiet.
Avoid during summer months.

17 days ago

An easy walk through the busier side of Las Virgenes Open Space.
No shade so time accordingly.

A easy trail but really busy on the Victory side. Best as a starting point for the numerous better off-shots.

Beautiful view, clean trail, hiking up hill not difficult, excellent for everyday hike.

1 month ago

This is my usual go to for an easy two hour hike. Most of it is gentle incline, except the hill at the half way point. The whole path is well trafficked by bikes, horses, and people.
Bikers, please remember to slow down when coming up on hikers, they have the right of way no matter how fast you want to go (yes, some bikers zip right by and I pulled an ankle once when surprised by one coming from behind).

A quiet hike. Not many people. Annoying that there are no trail markers. Makes finding the connector trails for the loop hard to find.

Its hot with little shade but beautiful.

Boring. Turned around after 3 miles. Too many loud people.

A rattlesnake on the trail today and once heard about 20 coyotes here, hours before dark. Only been here a few times. Wild area.

It is great and easy

This trail when completed from start to finish is as described. It starts out easy for the first 4 miles or so then begins to transition into the hills. The difficulty comes from mile 5 - 8 which is all the elevation gain. Took 5-6 hours to complete, be familiar with the map as cell service is none existent most of the way.

It is a good place I liked it

7 months ago

Great hike if you're looking to put in a few easy miles. There are bits of incline here and there but they are pretty easy and short-lived. There is no shade whatsoever on this trail, so keep that in mind when the sun is strong. We had to step aside for a few people of bikes but they were very considerate. Also, I believe the waterfall tag is a mistake, definitely didn't see one and can't imagine where it could have been. Parking was easy and it wasn't too crowded.

Love this hike. Not sure where the waterfall is.

This is a nice easy trail.. Have gone here a few times so close to home. Don't know why it's labeled as hard! Have came with children and dogs as well. Never done the whole thing as it huge.

9 months ago

Love this hike! Didn't see a waterfall though and followed the path to a T. Still a beautiful hike!

There is still water flowing through the first water crossing of the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Trail. The water crossing at the T with the access rd is dry, which is weird as it is downstream. I did see what I can only imagine were mountain lion tracks at that T. The prints weren't that clear but they were large, there were no claw marks, and the middle toes weren't even like a canine print (see Photos). There are mountain lions in the area...seeing prints just emphasizes that fact. I'm more conscious of surroundings and sounds after seeing evidence but I really should maintain that same vigilance always.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Very beautiful and easy mountain biking trail

Took the single track off the Upper Las Virgenes Trail that connects back to the trailhead, I would not recommend it at this time. Very overgrown. I missed it on the way in but only went a little ways further on the Upper Las Virgenes trail before encountering a water crossing where wet feet looked inevitable. Found the single track on the way back. Should have just gone back the way I came in. There was a really nice patch of California poppies just before the impassable water crossing so that was a positive.

Go early; heavily trafficked. Beautiful views!

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