off road driving
3 months ago

Experiencing The Pinnacles: The Pinnacles are very fascinating from afar, to see the peaks in the distance is to be in awe... but much like B Lustmord states, the hikes around the pinnacles are definitely not as special. They are best experienced from a distance, where you can take them all in... Though I bet to be there at sunrise or sunset is an amazing experience!

Wildlife: We saw a bunch of zebra-tailed lizards on the drive up to the pinnacles, and a few on the pinnacles themselves. They were so fast! And very pretty... light coloration on their ribs, and zebra stripes on their tail. Very neat. When you leave, you end up noticing there are other tufa pinnacles off the sides of the main highway in fields, though they are much more sparse.

The Hike(s): Nothing is clearly marked as any one particular hike or loop. You just kind of explore at your leisure along footpaths. Some nice breezes run through despite the heat in some of the surrounding areas, which we appreciated. It is not 12 mi. The drive is counted into that distance. Once you're at the pinnacles parking lot, you're feet away from the pinnacles themselves.

The Drive: Good up to a point where the road ends up feeling more washboarded out (we were in a 2WD) and there were 2-3 deep washouts created by people who clearly must have gotten stuck in the mud and only dug themselves deeper -- so keep aware on the drive!

Nearby: Fish Rocks aren't far away when on the main highway, so those are definitely worth a visit en route or on your way back to civilization.