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2 months ago

I hiked this peak as a day hike with my dog in June 2017. I started too late in the morning by getting to trail head at 11am, I'd recommend an earlier start, especially in the summer. It was hot, and the first 3 miles did not offer streams for water for my dog - he was not a happy camper about the heat. The climb is steep and persistent, many switchbacks. An amazing work out though and good to build stamina! My legs were noodles by the time I reached the false summit... which made the climb to the true summit a bugger, but so worth it! The 360* view including Mt Shasta, Trinity and Whiskeytown Lake, and the snowcapped peaks deep in the Trinities was spectacular. Worth the climb! But I will probably never hike this peak again, once is enough for me.

3 months ago

This was an awesome 4 day adventure for me and my Buddy.
But, I want to start with a slight disagreement with the All Trails route selection of proceeding directly up (or down) the stream during the "off trail" section to/from Lake Anna. As confirmed by the Rangers I spoke to, and in the book "Trinity Alps & Vicinity," by Mike White, a "better off trail route" for arriving to, or in our case departing from, Lake Anna is to either (if coming in from the North), proceed further along the "official" trail toward Deer Creek Pass, then contour over back to Lake Anna, or if coming from the South, to angle up to the Ridgecrest from the "end" of the "official" Bowerman Meadow Trail, then traverse over to Lake Anna. (I've attached a very, very rough photo - our approx. route is in purple and the ranger's description in green.
Another difference in recommended route selection, would be to avoid the multiple creek crossings in Bowerman Meadow, shown on the Alltrails map, and stick to the meadow trail itself.
Other than those differences, I completely agree with the previous reviews that this is an Epic Backpacking Adventure. We spent 4 days enjoying this Area and will be back. See pics for details.

Very nice trail, especially as access trail to Four Lakes area, which is what we used it for. Difficult to do as a day hike because of massive elevation gain. First 5 miles or so is a monotonous climb of 2,700 ft, which isn't too difficult, relatively speaking, thanks to even grade and smooth forest cover. The views of the lake and the mountains are breathtaking. The last 2.5 miles or so change elevation and scenery rapidly. Some ascents and descents are quite hard on tired legs because of granite stairs or rock. This section is totally gorgeous though. All in all, you should be in excellent shape to enjoy it, and - as I already said - best to use it as a part of a multi-day hike around Red Alps.

Navigation to the trail - beware: if you hit "direction" on this AllTrails trail descriptions to navigate to the trailhead, it will take you to the wrong place! We lost over 2 hours trying to find the trailhead, which is accessible from a different road altogether.

I just went on September 30th 2017 and the weather was great. The lakes were beautiful but not much of a hike if that is what you were looking for. There is a road where you can drop in from the top and only have to walk about a half a mile to the lake.

6 months ago

Beautiful views and as described. I had a hard time finding/following the trail at the very end (to the Peak) but that could just be me. Some scrubery overgrowth but minimal.

Beautiful trial with heaps of wildflowers.

7 months ago

Amazing backpacking weekend all with a full moon!

7 months ago

Absolutely spectacular hike up Long Canyon, it really is such a special place and quite a rewarding view for a relatively short hike in. This being said, we never actually made it to Lake Anna due to extra snow pack this year and I wanted to leave a review here for others who may attempt it. The final scramble up to the lake is definitely no joke and should be done with caution. We tried to scramble around a make-shift way but it proved to be too steep. My advice would be to wait until later in the season to attempt this. We probably could have hiked up it on the snow but there is a stream under the snow (the part you typically scramble up the side of) and the snow was very unstable and cracking and wasn't worth the risk of falling down the waterfall below. We ended up camping out on a peak just below the lake overlooking the canyon, the stars at night were breathtaking. Even if we didn't make it all the way, it was still a great hike and we will definitely re-attempt later in the season! As always, keep it wild and leave it better than you found it. the Trinity Alps are one of very few places in California that are still seemingly untouched and unadulterated by humans who over-use the land and don't respect it's delicate balance, I hope everyone has the chance to experience this magical place.

7 months ago

Just did part of this loop on June 12-14, 2017. The road was in great condition, though the lack of signage at several intersections made route-finding a little difficult. The hike from the trailhead to Lillypad Lake and back is was pleseant, though the snow started in earnest around 6,000 feet and made following the trail for the last section to the lake impossible. There were also plenty of tree-falls blocking the trail, but they weren't difficult to hike around. Continued up to the tarns above Lillypad Lake but needed crampons and ice axes to do so. This section was gorgeous. Climbed Ycatapom Peak from this area. All in all a nice trip.

7 months ago

My calves...they burnnnnn! Beautiful hike but expect to put some real effort in once you get near the end, I started counting switchbacks but lost count around number 50.

on Boulder Creek

8 months ago

Fallen trees and stream crossings made it more challenging than expected! But overall beautiful!

10 months ago

April 1st. Still a lot of snow above 4,000ft elevation. Started the tail at 1pm was planning on camping at the end of the trail but was not practical because the last 2 miles were covered almost entirely with snow. Turned back at 5pm and made it to the base of the trail in time to set up camp. The trail was a nice hike just no spectacular mountain top views.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I can't wait to go back and check this trail out again. I used it every weekend to get to different lakes and peaks in the Trinity Alps. Stargazing in Mumford Meadows is a must!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

This was my first time backpacking and my husband thought a challenge would be ok. The first mine felt super easy, we reached a bridge and the view was breathtaking! A little down from the bridge was a great spot for camping. unfortunately the previous people didn't put out their fire, so we got some water from the river and put it out. There was a load of switchbacks going up a huge granite rock that was pretty exhausting and you see this huge opening! Don't be fooled like me, it was mumford meadows, not the lake. You have another mile to go up more switchbacks up another granite slab. A bit more woods and then you see the huge granite cliffs! There's a few spots to camp, cross a stream(great for filtering your water because you're probably low or out) and you find a few more spots near the water. We choose the furthest for privacy and knew it'd help keep our two dogs calmer. It had a slight decline, a perfect fire pit with bench made of slab of wood across two boulders. Climb up from the spot and there was still plenty of great wood and twigs for a night fire and morning fire. Waking up to that sunrise was amazing, i saw it creep down the face of the mountain. The hike back was nice. I recommend wearing pants, parts of the trail were brushy and I was glad to not have my legs scratched up. Overall I can't wait to repeat this trail! I have a much firmer grasp on how to pack, and what to expect!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Beautiful hike with spectacular views a number of options to create a nice loop or connect to other trailers. Morris meadow is a beautiful walk to the higher elevations with the anticipation of high alpine beauty this will inspire you with amazing lupus fields scattered with a variety of incredible wild flowers. It's a moderate hike go enjoy the beauty!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cool old growth forest. Lots of creek and stream crossings to keep you on your toes. Some large downfall from winter storms, big trees to navigate. There is always an easy rout around. Plenty of waterfalls along the way, leading up to an uneventful ending.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The day we hiked this, I rated it as the Best Smelling trail, cuz of a lovely aroma emanating from an unknown source in a few places! Anyhow, it's sort of strenuous the first few miles, til you reach Cabin Flat, then the trail went through some meadows. If you cross the outlet to the lake & follow it around, there's a nice area of rock good for taking a break at, & next to a little waterfall.

Friday, August 07, 2015

While hiking this trail, I designated it the best smelling trail! There were several places where something was exuding a wonderful aroma, I wish I knew what it was! The trail starts through forest of oak & madrone, then pine & cedar dominate. There's a stretch where huge boulders are scattered everywhere. It's steep to Cabin Flat, then it mellows out & goes through meadows before reaching the lake. There's a pretty waterfall at the far end of the lake with a big rocky shelf. There are a few more waterfalls upstream (off-trail & early season, at least).

The only reason this doesn't rate 5 stars is because of the lack of water the first 7 miles. It starts out moderately through forest & gets more strenuous when you come to a long, exposed (hot!) ridge. It goes back down along a rocky hillside, then into forest & up a brushy hillside before crossing a creek--these last stretches are usually not maintained, so be prepared for a bushwhack or bring shears. Once you cross the creek it's an easy scramble up the granite to the first lake. It's a little harder to get to the second lake & harder yet to the upper lake, but swimming is best at the upper lake. Early season there's streams & ponds everywhere.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Strenuous is right, but if you want a great workout with a reward of great views, here it is. It's a little longer, but you can access the peak via the Stoney Ridge Trail, too.

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