It is a short hike through the woods, across open bluffs, and past seasonal wildflowers down to the beach. Low tide is the best time to visit. On the high bluffs above the beach there is an open meadow with scattered stands of alders. Visitor facilities include restrooms, parking, and a small picnic area with, tables and stoves. Park open sunrise to sunset.

2 months ago

steep as you start up the trail but worth the effort. great ocean views and coastal terrain.

Nice short hike with views of the ocean, but nothing amazing. Can't see the headlight though...

3 months ago

Enjoyable simple trail that ends up at the beach near Trinidad, Took a few photos but not of the beach. I got distracted throwing a stick in the surf for my lab, Brook,... Nice little stream and a couple of bridges. Way too many spur trails along the way, Found two couples a bit lost due to the confusing spurs along the trail.

Nice little trail with some old. slightly dangerous steep stairs. I wouldn't rate this one easy simply because of the stairs. I noticed most people including that were there and one in the few reviews here didn't go down them. Beautiful little town with some nice little trails. Awesome views!

3 months ago

Nice little trail with some great views. Surprising amount of cars and lack of people on the trail. Quite a few spurs off in every direction with people taking alternate routes away from the main trail. heard kids playing off in the trees in several places. Nice ocean views off some of the spurs!

Easy walk I assume. The memorial is under some construction but there were people sitting near the edge so I couldn't get a good picture. We drove from the memorial to the beach parking lot, then hiked to the lighthouse.

A little incline at the beginning. Beautiful scenic views of the waves. The lighthouse isn't visible except for the very top. Bummer that there's lots of brush in the way. Loved that there's lots of benches for viewing. Wish the lighthouse was easier to see

5 months ago

Starts out paved, then splits and you have the option of a lovely wooded dirt trail or staying on the paved road. Gorgeous views across the ocean.

Pretty steep incline at least to begin.... we took a wheelchair up the hill and boy that was a workout. So not really wheelchair friendly. Also the road to the lighthouse is closed but up at the point to view the lighthouse you can see a tiny part of the top of it looking to the right standing on top of the lookout.

7 months ago

Great views... Did a day of Trinidad and Patricks Pointm

Beautiful, short and easy hike with incredible views of the ocean. The lighthouse is hardly visible, but besides that it was a wonderful hike

Friday, December 30, 2016

Like some of the other users, it's not much of a hike but more like a scenic walk. Part road /part trail. Lots of benches and the views are beautiful. I personally prefer to feel lost in nature.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not much of a hike, more like a scenic walk with lots of benches along the way for beautiful ocean views. Mellow, gradual incline. My favorite quick walk to get my blood moving. Oh, the only view of the lighthouse is from a wooden platform at the top, near the big cross. You can just see the roof peeking out from the trees down below. Hike it for the ocean views and not to see the lighthouse.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not really much of a trail. 4 stars for the ocean and harbor views... Part of it is a road and the parts that are a trail are mostly cut out from hedges. But the views are incredible and worth the time. I've driven by Trinidad my whole life but had never seen it until today.

Monday, September 12, 2016

easy trail and an amazing view at the top!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

These pictures and map are not of 'elk' head. These are of the Trinidad Head. Elk Head is located further north, in College Cove trails.

2 days ago

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