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First time on the trail today. Beautiful views, great work out. Mostly uphill on way to flag pole and down, obviously on the way back to car. Great local trail. Will be back.

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This trail is a butt kicker. This trail should only be attempted in cooler weather like in the winter. Make sure you bring at least 1 gallon of water. Also watch out for poison oak. The trail is not maintained at all. At one point I had to stop hiking break out my Swiss Army knife saw and cut down a big branch to hack my way through the poison oak that had overgrown both sides of the trail with nowhere to go but through it. Once you get to the peak you will be disappointed. No sign, no big peak with a 360 view- just tall bushes. If you make a left at the top you can see Lake Elsinore in the distance which is cool. The risks for this hike are running out of water, poison oak, twisting your ankle, and rattlesnakes. In the 1st mile, there is a shortcut to the flagpole which I highly recommend both ways. I walked on the road on the way home and it was long and boring. The best thing about this trail is that it's not maintained. You can also see a burn area, the Holy Jim parking lot, and 4 wheel drive vehicles rolling down the hill in Trabucco Canyon (jk). It's a long lonely hike. I doubt you will see anyone along the way. Have fun!

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What an awesome and challenging hike. The actual trailhead is on Robinson Ranch Road, not at the GPS location on Meander Lane. You can't miss it! It is street parking only. Also, from the trailhead to Los Pinos Peak it is about 14 miles, not the 9.5 listed above. Four of us used a GPS to track the miles and we were all within a few tenths of each other. Except for mine. I had 15 miles, but I did some extra hiking along the way.

The elevation on the Los Pinos Peak sign at read it was 4500'. This was pretty close to our GPS trackers. With that said, the challenge on this hike, aside from the distance, was the total elevation gain and some of the very steep ascents and descents.

My total elevation gain was 5697'. That tells you there are a lot of elevation gains and losses (ups and downs) throughout this hike. Some parts of the climb are very strenuous and require some rock scrambling. Coming down is just as difficult as going up so be aware.

I did this hike with an advanced level group of hikers and I would not recommend anyone do it solo. Mainly, because of the distance and the potential for injury due to the challenging ups and downs.

Early on in the hike we saw lots of hikers. All of them only hiking up about 2 miles to the Flag and then turning back. Seems that is a popular hike and I would consider it moderate. Beyond that, we saw no one hiking on the trail.

At the peak there was a large group that came up the Los Pinos Peak Trail. They were headed to the camp ground for the night and then on to other peaks.

If you want the challenge and you are up for a strenuous hike this it. Just make sure you have others with you and you know what you are getting into. Bring lots of water. I carry 6 litters on most of my hikes. The conditions for us were cool, but I still drank about 3.5 litters. Bring lots of energy snacks and a lunch. This hike will drain your reserves! Happy Trails and Safe Hiking!

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One of our favorite hikes, my boyfriend and I love going up to the flag pole in the morning before work. The view is awesome and there's sage growing everywhere. It's a little steep at times and because of the recent rain, it's a little rocky and parts of the trail get narrow, but it's not an issue if you are a regular hiker. Bring sunscreen if you burn easily and plenty of water, especially on hot days. Shade is limited.

loved it

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Challenging and fun.