State beaches are areas with frontage on the ocean, or bays designed to provide swimming, boating, fishing, and other beach-oriented recreational activities. This wide, sandy beach stretches 4 1/2 miles from Del Mar past Los Peasquitos Lagoon to the base of sandstone cliffs at Torrey Pines Mesa. Swimming, surfing and fishing are popular. Red-hued bluffs and wet sand make strolling on the beach popular at low tide. A picnic area and parking lot are near the entrance on North Torrey Pines Road. The beach can also be reached by trail from the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Torrey Pines prohibits dogs anywhere within the reserve and beach boundaries (even within a vehicle).

Views 5 Stars, the journey 3 stars. Unfortunately it was high tide and we were washed out couldn’t complete the trail along the beach after about 2 miles had to turn around

Great trail! Hike this trail a few times a year

Absolutely beautiful hike. Yes, much of it is along the beach. Yes, there are plenty of naked people passing by. But the seaside cliffs, ocean views and Torrey Pines trails are gorgeous and worth the trip. Watching the paragliders was fun too. I went on a Sunday. It was very easy to find parking in the early to late morning. It gets very crowded by the afternoon.

Iconic, love it. Fav surf spot in town too!

I would like to say it was hiking, but it was more walking along a nude beach for most of the stretch. Be forewarned there are a ton of clothing optional ladies and gents out there, mostly gents. You will probably feel very much out of place and over dressed but once you get past the first 3 miles of nudity (mostly males) there’s a good 3 or miles of terrain trail. Let me be clear as I should have read more of these reviews before I went. It’s not really a hike as much as it is a beach walk/run with a decent terrain at the end. If you’re reading this and it’s too late and you’ve already encountered too much skin exposure for a day you can take the roads back to the trail head.
Best of luck my friends.
P.S. I gave 2 Stars because I’m still recovering from the views.
But credit to the last 3 miles of the actual hike trek there were really good views of NATURE there.

Beautiful views but yes be prepared to see naked people. We walked 6 miles in and out

beautiful spot! there will be crowds, it’s popular :)

Dolphins, ocean, sand and nude dudes.

Nice run overall starts atop cliffs and onto the beach.

11 months ago

Nice and easy trail of sandy beach, beautifully ocean view from both south and north.

As others have mentioned, there are lots of naked people to be seen. You’re basically hiking along a lengthy nude beach. Then it can be a bit crowded with families and tourists when you reach torrey pines. That said, it’s a very scenic walk and I think, a pretty fun lil adventure.

This is an easy hike with a long beach walk. Be prepared to see old male genitalia since it’s a nude beach. Also, check the tide before you go. You won’t make it past the rocks when the tide is high.

Amazing hike, great views.

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