There is no ho chi minh trail. Pro-communists want to put this murderer's name everywhere. Please take this off the map.

Loved it. I didn't think it was hard. Maybe moderate.

Loved it. I didn't think it was hard. Maybe moderate.

1 month ago

3 months ago

Very fun hike but also very short. Very beautiful views from the top and also the bottom. Beach is very secretive which makes it relaxing.

I did this hike after some rainfall so it was extremely muddy and slippery. It definitely made it challenging but it's a great way to get down to the beach at the end.

Awesome trail! My 3 kids had a blast and were fully able to complete with little assistance. Slick at the end, but 100% manageable.

Nice entrance to Black's Beach, but not quite long enough to call a trail.

love it

4 months ago

Fun little hike that is challenging with amazing views at the top! Worth climb up the cliffs to the right before going down to the beach. Barefoot works best on the slippery sandy rocks!

A fun, but short hike. You get the slot Canyon feeling but just enough to tease you. The board you cross in the beginning is fun and it has beautiful plants. The tall cliff are breath taking and there are many more trails there to explore near by. We even got to see a Peregrine falcon! Finding this trail is half the fun! Be observant!

6 months ago

This is a trail that people use to get down to the beach. It's a relatively easy trail, but with real sketchy spots that could spell trouble if you are not careful. There is one part where you have to cross a wooden plank, other parts where you can easily fall down to the side and into a ravine, and at the end their is a rope to get yourself down. Physically it was not demanding, but if you are afraid of heights it will be challenging. Be prepared to hang out at the beach when you get down. Go for a swim, bring a lunch or some snacks and just relax.

One of the most exciting hikes in SD. Dangerous at places with steep drop offs. Cool narrow areas too.