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17 hours ago

A great hike with beautiful views!

A great hike with beautiful views!

17 hours ago

Just hiked this trail a few weeks ago one morning. I recommend starting in the early morning to avoid the heat this time of year, or wait for a cloudy morning. There are great views in all directions of mountains, city, and ocean. I saw a good number of people on the trail, it is popular. I took the trail in the clockwise direction, starting up the steepest part of the incline first. I love the low shade towards the top. Despite there not being too many trees, the chaparral forest is tall enough to offer some shade. The waterfall wasn't so much a waterfall but a slow trickle this time of year. I'll have to come back after a rain.

I definitely recommend this trail to anybody on the westside. It's easy to get to, super beautiful, and I've heard you can extend it to go check out Skull Rock. No time for that this time around, but next time for sure.

If you want to get an idea of what it looks like ahead of time, check out my vlog episode for this trail.

Also, here's some music for hikers and trail runners: http://sptfy.com/16Gy

Have a great hike!

East side of hike typically has shade while the west side has less shade.

Great moderate hike. I am 45 and fit but I def felt it the next day. I live in Tarzana right below the trail head at Marvin Braude Gateway. I left the house on sat 7:30am and it was buzzing with bikes and hikers on the valley side. The middle stretch I had mostly to myself with the occasional random human being every 30 mins. It was very busy on the Temescal Trail portion. Took me 3.5 hours to reach the beach at Will Rogers. Beautiful trails. Mostly fire roads on the valley side that change to goat paths along the ridges and canyons of Topanga / Temescal. The worst part was walking Temescal Canyon Road to get to the beach.

Good views of Mt Baldy, downtown LA & the ocean once you reach the top. Not too many people (I went on a Tues evening) but enough to slightly annoy me. All uphill then downhill as you go back.

Great hike, great views. Took the steeper way up for a good workout. Only downside is the $10 fee to park, but the park is very well maintained.

11 days ago

got a good workout!!

17 days ago

Our group did this hike at night. Really beautiful overall, the workout was great. Nothing crazy at night.

It was a great hike, some steep elevation. I am a beginner hiker, so this was pretty difficult for me. Beautiful view! Parking was easy.

truly moderate, this Trail had me breathing heavy and definitely working up a bit of a sweat. I even stopped to eat an apple about three-quarters of the way up as I caught my breath. I took the east side on the way up so that I could see the ocean view as I descended on the west. It wasn't quite sunset though, but still the view on the west was really nice. plenty of shade on both sides in the late afternoon/early evening.

I live close to this hike and hike it multiple times a week. It is mad crazy busy on the weekends between 8am-11am with lots of folks who hike in groups and don’t always respect hiking etiquette (play their music out loud the entire hike). Other than those times, it’s a great little hike. Perfect for those who want to put in an hour an get a decent workout while they hike. Can be combined with an out and back to Skull rock, and can go past Skull Rock even to extend your hike. Park just outside the park on Temescal Canyon Rd for free - has never been a time where i couldn’t find a spot.

I don’t know why it says dogs on leash are okay..:when you get to the end of the trail at Temescal Canyon Rd, there are signs that say no dogs allowed. The trail was nice until the last 3 miles where it was all down hill. What goes up must come down, I guess!

We did this hike on April 12th. The front side of the hike is great, easy assent and beautiful views. The back side is a different story. After you reach the top you will wind your way around to a small trail that switchbacks down the slope, this trail is nice and easily navigable. At the bottom you will find some of the abandoned structures that are shown in the photos above. After this point the hike becomes rapidly less enjoyable. The trail is not maintained and you are essentially hoping back and forth from on side to the other of a creek. This annoyance was compounded by the large amounts of poison oak, if we hadn't both had long pants and sleeves we wouldn't have made it out without having some rashes. We are both seasoned hikers and enjoy difficult and technical hiking, but the backside of this trail is just pointlessly frustrating. My suggestion is to make it an out and back to the top.

Beautiful trail!

1 month ago

This is my second time here. It is a moderate trek with nice views and a depending on the the season there's a waterfall. There is a pretty decent incline on your way up the hill where you find a great view of the ocean, the hills and the Palisades. It takes about 30-45 minutes to summit if you are a moderate hiker and keep a good pace. The terrain is a mix between packed dirt and loose rocky terrain so you have to have good traction on your shoes/boots.

There is a $10 parking lot that leads into the trail. For free parking park on Temescal Canyon Rd rather than in the lot for the park. There are bathrooms and a friendly Ranger on the site so it is accommodating when you first arrive.

You have to bring lots of water, sunscreen, and a hat because most of the trail not shaded. It gets hot there so you have to be aware that there are rattlesnakes that are trying to get heat from the sun. This is not a dog-friendly trail because the sun can be extreme and the exposure to snakes and lizards are risky.

This is a great trail. There are breath-taking views every 5 minutes on the way up and the peak offers a 360 view of Santa Monica, Malibu, vineyards, and LA. There's so much to see and it's a great place to appreciate what LA and the west side has to offer.

Great loop trail - it’s fairly busy so try to get there pretty early (before 9am). I was there between 9am-10am and there was traffic on the trail but not so much for it to be a hassle. The trails are also wide enough where you can pass people with ease.
I went the west route first which I preferred - the first mile (approx) was all an incline and is mostly in the sun,
although there were some
covered spots. It’s a good workout and the loop back was nice and shaded. Either way you choose you’ll be looking at an incline going and a decline coming back.
There are quite a few rocks on the trail so treaded shoes helped. Also, there is a day charge for parking ($10) and the machine takes credit/debit cards. Also no dogs are allowed on the trail (which is good as there is no dog poop).
I would rate this a moderate loop.

I love this trail! It’s perfect for someone like me who’s just getting back into hiking but doesn’t want somewhere that’s overrun like Runyon or Griffith. It’s definitely moderate for me because of the elevation gain, but I like going up on the west side of the loop and coming down in the shade and quiet of the canyon.

Good workout, cool breezes

Beautiful view of the ocean!

Too crowded

loved this hike! Don't stop at the waterfall, crawl up on the side and go explore :) it is a pretty short hike but fun for people who don't like to hike straight on a nice path as it is full of stones to climb on.

beautiful trail with both mountain and beach views. benches at top. lots of trees.

Had a great time hiking this trail, it gets pretty narrow and steep at certain points, but overall it was nice. Make sure to enjoy the views at the top, you can see the entire Westside of LA.

2 months ago

Great seclusion, views, and not super busy for a trail right against the city, cool birdlife too.

2 months ago

Great hike

2 months ago

The incline on the west side of the hike is harder than noted - and it’s nearly constant incline for the first mile of the hike. Be prepared for that. But it has gorgeous views and it’s an easy to follow trail.

As a beginner the initial hike up was challenging but doable (going clockwise). 100% worth it for the amazing mountain & ocean views up top. Ended up watching the sunset up there, so it was completely dark for the very last of the trail down (I used my phone flashlight). Really gorgeous views.

great workout, great views, close to the city

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