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It was a pretty walk along a creek. I wish it was a little better marked as we hit a few forks in the trail and I didn’t know which way to go or how much farther. I wish we would have hiked on higher grounds with views.

I did this route as an easy-ish trail run, hiking uphills and running flats and downhills easy. My mileage was showing 12 miles and it took me 2 hours and 26 minutes going counter clockwise. Lots of traffic on the last 1.5 miles up to skull rock. A lot of overgrowth on the first half of the loop, at times making me wonder if I was on a game trail vs a real trail. Singletrack trail for most areas with some other fire roads mixed in. Wished I would have worn pants and long sleeves, may have had a small poison oak reaction

5 days ago

A bit rainy when we started which made it muddy but it quickly cleared up as soon as the sun came out. highly recommend checking the weather beforehand and putting on high sole sneakers if it's rainy. The top was amazing with a view of the coast and surrounding city. Highly recommend!

A nice medium level hike with a great reward at the end in the large rock formations you can climb on. Amazing view of Topanga canyon and the ocean

Rough climb at the beginning leads to a beautiful view from the rock at the peak.

Nothing to write home about but nice for an afternoon

Gorgeous views the whole time. Would recommend counter clockwise

It looks like a beautiful trail, however there were big trees blocking it. You can get around the first two if you are adventurous, but the third one blocks the trail completely. You're better off doing Paseo Miramar or Santa Ynez, which are nearby.

Nice easy trail with a few moderately steep climbs. Lots of green at the moment! It was overgrown in some areas and you have to cross a tiny stream quite a bit but it wasn’t a big deal. Not much water and the trail just kind of comes to an end where the waterfall is supposed to be. Found some cool ruins of a fireplace along the way too.

Fire road till about 2 miles in when you can snake up into some fun narrow trails. Great spot for mountain biking with a lot of bike traffic the day I was there.

Nice view. Please take water with u

on Los Liones Trail

13 days ago

Nice hike and views. Be aware on the Rabbit Hole section of the loop there are some very steep portions and dangerous loose rocks.

Amazing hike but the beginning uphill part is a lot longer than everyone below states. The whole out portion is majority uphill. Incredible views at the end made it worth it. It also averages at about 6 miles from the starting point this sets you at just FYI. We took a couple side routes to look out points that contributed to that

Saw a beautiful bobcat after our hike today (01/03/19) as we were leaving the parking lot.

14 days ago

Came here on Dec 30th around 11:30am and it was easy to find parking on the residential area. Maybe it was because of the holidays that parking was easy to find. The trail was easy to find. It was a clear paved path the entire way up and down. You start off with a slight incline and keep working your way up. The incline is nothing too crazy anyone can do it, just keep at your steady pace and breathe. The trail will continue to incline and about .5 miles in flattens out. The view at the top is beautiful and coming back down you get the entire city and ocean view. Definitely would come back again!

It’s all uphill going in and all downhill coming out but beautiful views

Great hike, however, dogs are not allowed once you enter Topanga State Park and the fine is around $400.

I came on dec 19, 2018, it was a Wednesday so not many people were around. Parking was relatively easy but I can imagine it hard during weekends (the starting point is in a fancy residential
area on a uphill road, and you can only park alone the street in certain area.)

The first 1/4 of the rout could be a little bit intense for people who haven’t worked out much, because it started uphill right away and could be steep sometimes. Fortunately, the trail was wide and no steps or obstacles, and there were a few stopping points for photos and resting.

After has its quite easy, and you would ready the midpoint (the tip). It had a great view of LA and oceans, and two benches!! (I thought that was rare.)

This is a fantastic choice because one can see mountains, skylines, and ocean all at once. Also there’s a diversity of Californian native plants and various birds chirping and hopping around. Highly recommended!

Just completed this section of the backbone trail, from the stunt road point going towards WRSHP. First the positives: a lot of varied hiking surfaces, a ton of view (mostly at the Park end), campsite was nice and empty. Now, some negatives: very poorly marked. there are a number of side trails that people had created but there are no markings as to which one is actually the BB trail. On the Park half, there are a lot of mountain bikes and the trail isn't wide enough for both, so it could be dangerous. With all that said, I would do it again but only in the wintertime. Summertime would be too hot and crowded, but if you have some time in the winter and patience, hike on.

I love this area you feel like you and some other country is such a beautiful beautiful lovely

22 days ago

LOVED this hike - super fun and nice for a morning / mid-day hike. Many below commented it was nice in the evening too and I would love to go back to see what it's like.

Walking up to the left is beautiful but also kicks your butt with fairly steep inclines. The views are unbeatable though so be sure to turn around and catch the view of 1) the ocean 2) the mountains 3) downtown LA 4)downtown Santa Monica 5) beyond.

Waterfall was dry but on the walk down there you can hang out with the Cheshire Cat in a tree for a bit. Skull Rock was great - fun to climb around in and chill out looking at the view. Coming back down was really easy and offers a lot of shade which is great after being beaten by the sun on the hike up.

22 days ago

Moderate hike. It was a bit busy, but we were also hiking the Sunday before Christmas. We stopped at the lookout where this trail meets the Paseo Miramar trail, then backtracked. Free street parking. Not much shade. Trail is pretty well kept. Sadly, it was still too hazy to see the ocean or DTLA from from the lookout.

We did this loop counterclockwise. This is a very tough trail but very rewarding. There is one portion where you barely can see the way and it is very steep, potentially dangerous. Not for kids or elderly. Make sure to take some hiking shoes and plenty of water. There are no water fountains along the way. Make sure to plan enough time. If you are feeling adventurous then this is a great hike!

23 days ago

Did this a few months ago. It was a perfect sunset hike excellent we forgot to take lights so the end of the hike was pretty dark. Great views of the city and ocean from the look out points. Would be excellent to do on a clear day

24 days ago

Great hike fantastic views easy to do in a morning. Waterfall is not surprisingly dry, but would still do this hike again. Short and sweet

Tried to do this hike on 12/9/18. The southern most part of the trail along the creek seemed to be washed out or very poorly marked. Gave up on the hike because it seemed like there was no trail and it was getting close to sunset. Turned an intended 4.6 mile hike into a 10 mile hike as I backtracked most of the trail.

27 days ago

Good Trail, usually pretty quiet and not a lot of people. Beautiful rock formation at the end plus slight ocean views on a clear day

Good hike. Went with my brother. If you are going clockwise the Rogers road trail was closed, so we had to back track to the Roger road trail alternative. The whole length was trails, which was awesome. The last mile was great, it was a more forested area that climbed and opened back into the mountains.

Creds- AllTrails Pro. 13.9 mi, ~2,800’ El Gain. Moving time 5:50. Suggest giving ‘AllTrails Pro ‘great Xmas gift- don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Started 8:30 am Wednesday 12 Dec 2018. Lots of available Parking for $10. Went counter clockwise, Recommendation clockwise if want to run down.

Followed AllTrails. Trail in great condition except small section right before Temescal Road, but doable. If going clockwise there is a Closed’ sign.

Enjoyed hike since 90% trails and lots of spectacular views. Great to hike when ~65F instead of 80 F plus. Mostly women hiking this trail (too hard for guys?) . Just enough traffic to clear spider webs, snakes, and lions for me- thank you.

Critical to bring at least 3 liters water and food. Highly recommend wearing hat.

Great hike this time of year.

1 month ago

Great views, challenging trail perfect with company or by yourself

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