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Me and my Dad did this hike a couple years ago and had a good time. It was a beautiful walk on the beach and we saw a lot of seals at the mouth of the Smith. Definitely fun on a nice day.

Great beach hike to the mouth of the Smith. Great weather today with no wind. Did it on a perfect tide so the sand was nice and firm. Slightly surprised that people were fishing at the mouth on the other side you can drive right to. Probably a hundred seals cruising the mouth of the river. Brook, my Lab and I enjoyed this one as usual. When you hike this area always take note of what the beach looks like or mark it where you come off the trail. There are only a few areas to get back to the main trail in Tolowa.

Beautiful hike on the beach... On the way down it was beautiful but not very clear due to the combination of marine layer and smoke from the Chetco Bar Fire. The hike down was really mellow and timed pretty well with the tides. After the turnaround the tide changed and started coming in and there was a steady southerly wind of about 20 kts in my face. Due to having to walk in softer sand because of the higher tide along with the length I rated the hike as difficult. A lower tide without wind and it would be moderate...

Sand based trail that has some scattered forests with a lot of meadows of grasses and a portion along the beach. A pretty good workout for most because a lot of the sand is pretty soft. Along the surf line on the beach is firmer than about half of the trail.

This trail reminded me of what it would be lake being a recruit at Fort Ord. Just marching along in the sand... Most of the trail is sand based with close to 1/2 of it pretty soft. A little bit of forest and a lot of dunes. I ended up bushwhacking through beach grass to get to the beach on the way out which was very easy. My lab enjoyed the part along the beach the most. High point of the day was when I found my first agate on the beach!

A great spot for camping on the beach (or in the dunes if it gets windy). Very isolated in the northern and middle parts, as I believe most visitors to this area come in via the road that forms the southern part of the trail. The few people we saw were agate (rock) hunting. Flat and not terribly interesting as a hike, but we were more interested in camping on the beach and letting the pup run around.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I enjoyed doing this one today with with my dogs. It's a nice long walk through the dunes, the forest and the ocean, with it's views. It's the longest route I do in Tolowa. We didn't see any elk today but there were fresh tracks. The beach walk is pretty firm as long as you're fairly close to the surf. Keep an eye out for vehicles. This portion of Tolowa is legal to drive on the beach. There is a sign indicating that on the end of Kellogg Rd. When you're walking Kellogg Beach keep an eye out for agates as well. Plenty of people find them. The surf was a little high to be relaxed with my Lab in the ocean today.