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Tilden Regional Park, also known as Tilden Park, is a 2,079-acre regional park in the East Bay, part of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. It is between the Berkeley Hills and San Pablo Ridge. In addition to major areas of wilderness, the park includes several developed features, including environmental education areas, extensive botanical garden, swimming lake, golf course, model farm, miniature train, merry-go-round, and event venue. Lake Anza is located in the central portion of Tilden Regional Park and is open for swimming from May to September. The swim beach is open May–September while hiking trails and picnic areas are open year-round. Founded in 1936 from former watershed lands, Tilden is one of the East Bay Regional Park District’s three original parks. It was named after Charles Lee Tilden, president of the District’s First Board of Directors. Workers from the Works Progress Administration built much of the park’s infrastructure during the Great Depression. Tilden’s 2,079 acres feature the iconic carousel, steam train, botanical gardens, Little Farm, Environmental Education Center, redwood groves, picturesque views of the bay, picnic areas, and seasonal swimming at Lake Anza.

5 days ago

Enjoyable. Not super challenging. Went w Cece. Company was amazing, trail was lovely, but nothing particularly special. Occasions views were green and blue in the winter rains good. Frankly really difficult to identify where the trail was sometimes, so being a phone that will have service to track. AllTrails was helpful.

Awesome trail with amazing views.

18 days ago

I completed this hike today after failing to find the turn for the loop last weekend. I don't hike staring at my phone, and following the signs on the trail, I eventually ended up on a paved road and turned around to make it an out-and-back hike on my first try. The path for the turn is very small, narrow, and rocky, and near Arroyo Trail. Navigational faux pas aside, this is a nice 2-hour outdoor workout. The inclines are steady rather than overwhelming, and the rocky path is a great contrast to a gym environment. I like the benches and views of the Bay and SF, the easy parking (I like arriving around 9am though!), and the reliable outdoor toilets near the trailhead. Good times!

A new favorite. I love the change in scenery as the hike progresses, and the view at the top is worth it. Shady enough and a good workout. Would do again.

This trail has a little bit of everything. It starts at the Inspiration point - yes, the name describes it correctly! Then it goes along Nimitz tail - it was built for air defense missiles during Cold War. Great views of the Bay, including the famous Golden Gate bridge. Then it goes down into the canyon where it goes along the creek. It passes by some park attractions: the little farm, nature discovery center, a boardwalk in the swampy area. Then it turns deep into the dense and dark forest - very scenic.

While some parts of the tail are not paved, it's all easily passable in regular running shoes. There is some elevation gain, but it's fairly mild.

Nice length. Easy (at least for me) to go the wrong way and get lost. The whole loop is spotted with steep downhills and uphills—it’s almost like interval cardio training. Beautiful, beautiful views of the bay, both bridges, and the city.

Incredible views and a peaceful hike! Many loose rocks along about half of the trail, so if you use hiking poles, they'd be helpful on this one.

Unexpectedly great views and a wonderful workout.

Nice and peaceful trial track.

Did this late in December. Not an easy hike in sneakers and lots of wet terrain. Looks easier to navigate some sections on bikes and saw a few bikers on various parts.
Even saw some runners, but not sure that is much fun given all the mud laden sections. Almost took a header navigating the steep muddy beginning! Since it was overcast, missed any true views, but overall a pleasant hike devoid of summer crowds and bugs!! Hope to find more challenging hikes in the future.

Awesome place for a short hike with great views good for running

27 days ago

Great hike for a quick workout that doesn’t leave you exhausted. The views and mixture of shade and sun are nice as well. Trail is well marked, but very rocky and rutted in some parts.

1 month ago

Great Sunday hike. Was a fairly flat and 90% paved trail that goes through a cow pasture. It was pretty awe inducing to see calf and cattle just off the edge of the trail grazing. Add that to a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and straight on views of the Golden Gate bridge across the bay, and you have the recipe for a fantastic hike.

I would rate this as an easy hike. It had nice views and was paved most of the way.

Super muddy right now. But it’s beautiful along the Wildcat Creek! Just bring an extra pair of shoes to change into for the ride home!

Really beautiful and a nice couple hour workout

Fabulous Thanksgiving hike today. Spectacular view at the top! Especially enjoyed it after so many days of smoke-filled air.

Great view throughout. A lot of shade but also a lot rocks scattered along the path. Easy parking. Very clean area in general.

Great trail with mildly steep inclines broken up with flat/easy terrain. Definitely come on a clear day for incredible views of the city. Free parking is available at the Quarry Picnic Area.

Took 2 dogs and was a challenging hike with steep hills. Wide paths and clearly mark. Shady tree landscape. Would do again

3 months ago

FYI it’s definitely not stroller friendly, although I agree it’s kid friendly

Great for kids and exploring

4 months ago

This is a pretty hike along the lake through east bay woodlands, but it's not as easy as its short distance and minimal elevation would imply. Much of the trail that hugs the lakeside is very rugged, with boulders, big roots, and steep slopes. It can be quite difficult for anyone with even slight mobility issues. One section was basically a six-inch ledge against a low cliff... one misstep and you're going swimming. Great fun for kids, dogs and the athletic, but not recommended otherwise.

This is the shorter version of lake Anza. Not really a hike, just walking round a small lake though. Do the other hike

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