Hours: April-Oct: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov-March: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

I started from the Oak Glen side. easy parking if you get there early, and because it's next to Los Rios Ranch, there are restrooms and you can do a little shopping and eating while you're there. the trail is beautiful and easy to start, then starts to climb quickly and get pretty difficult. the views at the top are amazing, and the weather is much cooler than down the hill in the city.

the map here shows a very long option, but you can easily go up as high as you feel and turn back when you want.

1 month ago

Love Oak Glen Preserve. Especially beautiful in the spring. There is plenty of shade. There are some small lakes and lots of trees. There are easy trails to walk and others that are moderate so you can adjust the hike to what you want. The last time we went was the middle of August. There were some beautiful sunflowers in bloom. In the spring there are lots of different flowers. Highly recommend. Great place for the whole family.
Can get pretty hot in the summer so get there early in the day.

Great hiking trail. Cool in late August, for morning walks. Beautiful scenery, majestic mountains and lots of shade. The paths are wide and well maintained. There is steep portion going down and then back up to parking lot of Los Rios Ranch, but there is a bypass before it gets too steep. It's quiet most of the way with birds chirping and the stream running next to the trail. Raspberry abounds and trees overhanging the trail as a canopy are welcome as the sun heats the area. I recommend this as a favorite trail so far on my hiking experiences.

Good trail, path could be a little confusing but luckily for us we had someone there with previous experience to guide us. Not very much water at all this time of year but still little streams. Although it was an awesome trail it’s probably a lot better in the colder months. Make sure to bring lots of water and maybe some bug repellent. Overall a good experience.

Beautiful flowers. Only fishing pond had water. Nice hike!

This is always a nice little hike with the kiddos.

Love it. Saw quails, lizards, and ducks. Streams were very beautiful. Very clean and well kept

5 months ago

Beautiful hike! Family and kid friendly:) A must do if your in the area!

5 months ago

I very much enjoyed this hike quite peaceful lots of amazing views

peaceful...nice shade area.dirt trails went on top of mountain could of used a hiking pole.

Very pretty, will go back with my kids

nature trips
6 months ago

very niceAll types of trails. From kids hikes to moderate for adults

7 months ago

Great! The loop is pretty short, and most could do it without difficulty. Steep areas. Crossing of rocks over a pond. There is also an option to walk on a trail that goes past the area with the large trees and hose and has a nice incline up to beautiful views. About 1.3 miles steep uphill incline - ends with private property and no trespassing sign. Both me and my dog love this trail.

Although there are trails signs, for me it was not easy to navigate as the trail I was following is not the one labeled on AllTrails. However, once you’ve done it once, it’s easy enough to figure out all the other times going forward. There was lots of wildlife, streams, still some snow, and all as always the views were wonderful. The dogs and I both enjoyed!

8 months ago

Nice family trail. About a fourth to a third of the trail from the main entrance is more of a nature walk, with several information booths along the way. After that it's an easy trail with a nice picnic area when you approach the southern most spot. They have benches and plenty of open spaces for the little ones to run around. Close enough to the lower parking lot that you can just head there for a picnic day.

This trail is great anytime of the year.

The Oak Glen Wetlands Conservancy is very attractive, popular (including neighboring Los Rios Rancho "apple/etc. store), and well maintained. There is a steep 700 foot rise to Preservation Point, the end of the Conservancy. Here there is a easy to cross Gate to the fire road which is 20 feet away. I've checked with the local sheriffs department and Fire and Forestry. The fire road is used by hikers and bikers regularly. It was however advised that you do not drop down via the fire roads into Oak Glen housing or the housing along Wildwood Canyon Road. The long down is characterized by almost continuous ridge views down into the valleys.

this hike is fun and rewarding with a beautiful view from the top. pretty tough first time.

Nice little mile loop and picnic areas.

Great hike to take kids. Multiple interactive spots for them. Free entrance. Perfect spot if your beginning to hike as it's very easy. Be careful in the summer/warmer days because a lot of trees are dried and there's less shade causing temps to go up quick. Lots of small trails along the large loop. I grabbed a map they had but there's no need. We ended up walking around randomly and made it back just fine.

It was a great hike, but by no means easy!! Maybe I took the wrong hike. I started down at the other parking lot because the first one was full. Starting from there, it was a lot of downhill, then a little bit of flat by some picnic tables, and then a LOT of uphill. Where was the EASY hike?

I’ve walked and hiked this trail a few times. It’s a nice trail to get away for a little while. Not far from where I live. Easy to find and lots of wildlife to see. Deer,Bobcat,Rabbit,Coyote. Rattle snakes during summer months.

Closed on holidays no street parking permitted

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Great place for a family hike. You can make this hike easy or difficult depending if you do the whole trail or parts of it. Entrance and parking is free. One of my favorite places to hike.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Beautiful trail

Saturday, October 07, 2017

great hike, great for kids

Sunday, October 01, 2017

This trail was perfect! Enough to get my heart pumping but not too hard. My five-year-old godson loved it! There are parts throughout the trail that are interactive for the kids. Beautiful pond at part of the beginning of the trail.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Just completely this trail randomly with my wife and son. We did it with vans and some nike Cortez, don’t recommend it haha but this trail was amazing. The duck pond however was dried but the red wing pond was really great. I definitely recommend this trail for anyone just looking to be out.

Monday, September 11, 2017

very easy trail. would recommend for those just starting to hike and those with small children.

depending on the season there are numerous streams to stop at.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Beautiful place. I have nothing but the best to say about this place. Very clean. People are so friendly. There's a little village where you can eat and buy home made apple pies. This place is amazing for family time. You can go and pick apples, feed animals etc. Definitely going back!!

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