I really enjoy this hike, for the fitness aspect as well as the views, It is beautiful.

Beautiful park and pleasant trail. The last 0.88 miles are very steep and trekking poles would be nice. Be careful and pay attention on the way back down so you don't go the wrong way.

Fairly epic, fairly steep climb, Recommended 100%

Trail is my favorite. Eases you into the mountain, then you hit the challenging hardback. The views are great, the hike is real.

Challenging, but excellent hike. The weather was perfect, with a nice breeze. There is a consistent incline for most of the trail. The last .88 is definitely the most challenging. We completed the hike in about 1.5 hours (didn't spend much time at the top since we were in a bit of a time crunch).

Inclines are hard, my 9 year old dog took few breaks, but it is a beautiful trail.

Great place for a hike. Trails are well marked, kept and wide. The views and fresh forest smell are just perfect. I also liked that there was a few people hiking, not too many but not completely isolated either in case of emergency. I would do it again.

Challenging hike! Great views compared to other hikes close to the Bakersfield area.

This trail is harder than moderate. It inclines most of the way up. The last quarter mile or so to the peak is a steep, difficult incline. The hike is still amazing although the view from the peak leaves much to be desired. I would definitely do this one again. Don't forget to sign the hikers journal to the right of the trail just before the county line ends!


6 months ago

love the view and the hike!! best I've ever Hiked so far!

I hiked the mountain five times this year. My last trip I put an ammo can up there with a journal in it. The can is on county property just short of the top but close enough. Everyone is welcome to put there name or nickname in the journal with a few words. Enjoy what we have to share. We are fortunate to have this opportunity.

7 months ago

I took a sunset hike tonight. Didn't quite make the top because the sun was going down, but it was beautiful! one section towards the beginning is mountain goat steep! the rest is pretty moderate.