This is not a moderate hike. Once you get to the peak it's great. Just watch out for the owner, because you are trespassing.

Good steep trail but highly trafficked. I was lucky to go on a weekday and was about the only person on the trail. The top was cloaked in clouds and freezing fog. Ice chunks falling off the trees, and 40 mph gusts made the last 0.5 mile a little tricky. No view today because of the clouds but it made for a nice afternoon hike. The route to the top is a little confusing but if you stay on top of the ridge you will be fine. A few more signs would be helpful.

We love to go hiking here! The views are too die for, so peaceful and beautiful. Our two German/husky mix pups also love it up there. Totally recommend it!

Great hike but I can't emphasize enough how important it is to understand how easy it is to get lost while going down the .88 incline from the summit! It happened to me and I got extremely lost and disoriented very quickly. TAKE EXTREME CAUTION!!!!

1 month ago

I do this trail at least every couple months. The first 4 miles or so are nice, but the last 0.88 miles (very steep) is pretty tough. Although I got my 60 year old mother up there (though to be fair, she is a hiker), so no excuses! I will say the very BEST time to do this trail is close to winter time when it gets some snow. VERY few people get very far on this trail in the snow, and when you're doing the last ultra-steep leg you'll be up to your thighs in snow. You could literally take a snowboard to the top and 'board down. And it will be pristine. The snow will be clean and untouched because you are probably the only one who made it that far. Truly gorgeous at the top. You can see for many miles in all directions. Word of caution though: BE CAREFUL going down that you don't get lost. Follow your tracks if it's in snow. Also, the weather can change in an instant and it gets very cold up there. Bring warm clothes and sufficient water and calories.

This trail is poorly built and maintained. It lacks switch backs that could benefit the ground cover and allow for a less strenuous climb through the last 0.88 miles. The views are wonderful, however the trail is poorly marked.

Great trail. The last mile is a very steep strenuous incline. The summit is beautiful. On the way down be careful not to get lost.

I really enjoy this hike, for the fitness aspect as well as the views, It is beautiful.

Beautiful park and pleasant trail. The last 0.88 miles are very steep and trekking poles would be nice. Be careful and pay attention on the way back down so you don't go the wrong way.