25 days ago

This trail is ok. It seems to be better as a bike trail than hiking trail but I liked it well enough. If you follow the loop as shows the brutal part of this hike is the Downhill parts. Watch your footing as it’s pretty steep. There are a few steep inclines but overall the trail is pretty flat other than that.

Beautiful, varied terrain! I started my hike at the USD entrance about a mile west of the Visitor Center and headed north from there. There's a broad dirt road that runs under the power lines, straight up and down through the hills, and there's also a well-marked hiking trail that winds its way through the terrain, skirting the steepest parts of the hills and hugging the golf course. The straight dirt road is good for an intense leg workout, but I think the marked hiking trail is more scenic. The two trails are periodically connected, making it possible to switch from one to the other. The next section of trail through trees and along a stream was beautiful and peaceful. At one point, the trail became hard to follow, and studying my recording afterwards, I realized that I had missed a turn and ended up off the mapped trail when I decided to turn around. My total distance was just short of 5 miles, but I could easily have made it shorter or longer; the possibilities are endless. This park is a local treasure!

Walked east entrance from entrance on Genessee, plenty of shade under the scrub oak canopy, walked up and out near Golf Course at Osolo St. will do it again

Súper este Trail

This trail was an excellent workout. There’s a lot of steep trails so I’d be wary of what footwear you decided to don. A large portion of the trail as mapped out on the app is roads they must use for utility vehicles to access the high lines in the canyon. For a unique experience I recommend taking some side trails, if you have time. At the very top of the marked trail on the app (I took the right at the fork), there’s an area that continues north and then loops back around to marked trail. It adds about half a mile to the trail, but it’s very scenic and takes you through probably the most shaded area in the entire canyon that has a trail. There’s also a nice creek down there (mostly dry stagnant water) that I snapped an excellent photo of my dog near

Good fun, difficult in places but overall fun
Gets hot and there is little shade

Fkng hard!!
Or i am too old

3 months ago

Fun easy morning trail

I did this hike on a Tuesday afternoon and the trail was pretty empty. It's a great hike in the middle of the city. The first half is fairly flat with a few optional side trails, and the second half was full of some steep and challenging hills with great views from the top.

nice area. Some parts be very wary during rattlesnake season

This was an amazing trail.. there are many different trails to take on.

4 months ago

Nice local trail...I walked the trail and got a decent sweat in on the second half. Decent views

4 months ago

Very interesting trail! View is awesome once you reach the top. Definitely must go trail!

4 months ago

Very well kept trail!

Great day!

5 months ago

A good trail with the option to walk up and down some massive hills.

Starts off easy gets really challenging after the first mile! Great hike for your butt

A decent outing; views of the golf course and California landscape. Power & gas lines running through so it’s not a nature retreat kind of hike. It’s nice for an easy close way to be outside; fun to explore the canyon.

Starts easy by nature trail then transitions to moderate.

About halfway through trail is closed but there are quite a few side trails. Great views.

I thought it was easy hike

6 months ago

This trail should be marked moderate, it is not an easy hike.

The first mile-ish is easy, the rest of the hike is moderate. Going the route provided by AllTrails, the way back is extremely steep- those not in good shape should avoid the gullies, so maybe do an out-and-back from the halfway point rather than the full loop.

awesome.... but I would say it was a moderate hike.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Fun hills and all kinds of terrain. No roots, easy pace.

Great trail for running the doggie, only saw a couple bikers. Great shade!

be careful. the second half is hilly.

8 months ago

Shady enough, secluded enough, for a backyard trail, it's amazing.

I hiked with my mother in law and wife, whom was carrying our two year old on a carrier the entire time. I thought the hike was moderate. as for them, they thought it was difficult. I will say though, those hills will get you if you are not a frequent hiker. I, for one, am not a frequent hiker, but do consider myself a monkey. So the hills we're relatively easy although really challenging because of how steep they were. Good hike and decent scenery too.

Typical San Diego Canyon. Nothing exciting to look at and lots of river rock to roll your ankle on. Trails aren't well marked so we ended up taking the wrong one back to the parking lot.

If you stay on service road it is a great work out, not for the beginner, love this hike, makes me work hard and sweat

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