It doesn't suck

beautiful views.

1 month ago

love biking these trail.

Amazing but hard hike to the top ! Loved it!

Great trail, would highly recommend!!

Sweet little hike with pretty awesome views. Happy New Year.

Beautiful hike, varied degrees of difficulty. Bike and horse trails. Best in the morning just after sunrise. Don't get too close to the cows!

3 months ago

Fantastic hike!

trail running
4 months ago

It's definitely runnable, especially if you run up the Western route and come down the Eastern route. Haven't been on the new extensions off the Western route yet, but that should add a few miles to the route. Views are okay; there's better sights in Santa Rosa.

am i able to use a stroller on the trail?

The Eastern Trail up totally kicked our ass and it was not a pretty hike by any means. Took the Western trail down and it wasn't much better. I at least want some pretty scenery when I'm huffing and puffing. We went early in the morning and it was quite foggy and overcast so we didn't get to see the view from the top but I hear it's pretty impressive. Also ran into a coyote right near the top which freaked us out a bit. Had to come back down through the same corridor of trees so we were on high alert. There are also cows all around on on the trail so watch out for them. It felt good to conquer it but I wouldn't go back.