Hours: 7 a.m. to sunset

Good trail, usually not crowded, and you might meet a couple of cows & horses along the way. Great views all the way, especially at the peak.

love this trail. Quick and easy, great view from the top, love the cows

Beautiful view of Santa Rosa, can’t beat it at sunset.

I love this trail it's so nice to get off of work at 4 and be able to head up for a quick and decent hike. would recommend to anyone!

all the park had to offer was the view from the top! not worth $7.00 to park should be free

Beautiful views looking at the hills and mountains in the distance. Also amazing views of the city, always cool wildlife to watch like turkeys, skunks, hawks, slugs, etc. cows are also on premises and don’t mess with you. Pupper and I love going for our daily hikes here, there are multiple trails some harder than the other but also some moderate ones. Definitely recommend!

It is steep in some spots but overall a great hike and workout! Got to the top and it was an amazing view! Great workout for my dog too.

Nice invigorating hiking trail with lots of birds and other wildlife. Can be slick in spots after rain.

A wonderful hike, so close to Santa Rosa, but you quickly forget you are near the city. Great views, good hardy climb. Bring binoculars or a telephoto lens to capture good views of the birds.

Love this trail. Perfect for cardio and the perfect distance.

I used to live in RP and I loved this trail. Good and steep for cardio and glutes and I enjoyed seeing cows and picking blackberries in the summer. Never crowded, great views and free parking near the frisbee course

One of the nicer hikes in santa rosa and not too far from downtown. There is a couple of spots where it gets steep, but you can take it slow. Otherwise mostly wide path and nice views when you get to the top.

Good workout!!

Great workout- took eastern trail up, steep. Nice views of town but overall pretty dry surroundings with almost no tree cover the whole way makes for a less enjoyable hike compared to others. Limited free parking along the road outside the parking lot.

Nice hike with some good views. We took the western trail up and on the way down. There isn't much tree cover so I would recommend starting somewhat early or on a cool day. The Alltrails app said it was 4.8 miles from the lower parking lot to the top and back.

Kicks your butt,but gorgeous from the top

This trail looks easy from the bottom. You soon realize it's not.

I hike this trail often. It's beautiful any time of day. Convenient and great for the whole family. Always enjoy when the cows are out.

Beautlful, scenic, nice trail..

Awesome place to hike

It doesn't suck

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

beautiful views.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

love biking these trail.

Amazing but hard hike to the top ! Loved it!

Great trail, would highly recommend!!

Sweet little hike with pretty awesome views. Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beautiful hike, varied degrees of difficulty. Bike and horse trails. Best in the morning just after sunrise. Don't get too close to the cows!

Fantastic hike!

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