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Beautiful ride as always, but the recent storms have really washed out the rock garden, making it a much tougher trek than usual. The usual "trail" through the rock garden is pretty destroyed, and lots of roots and other debris to contend with. I struggled or even had to walk my bike through a good portion of it that I am normally very comfortable riding through. Unsurprisingly, lots of hikers/walkers to navigate through, and on a weekend most are unfamiliar with trail etiquette, so don't expect anyone to yield to you or otherwise make space. Overall, one of my favorite moderately challenging rides with gorgeous scenery and some fun sections of trail.

The first 3 miles are relatively easy then miles 4-7 just kick you butt with a major incline and 0 shade. Other then the lack of shade it gives you some great views with an overlook of Malibu.

Excellent hike! We got caught in the rain on top, but continued on. Fantastic views on top, easy roads to hike. Trails are clearly marked except on the eastern side of the trail. Map is a bit confusing there, and you have to take some detours to stay on course. Very few people after an hour in. MASH set was an excellent surprise!

22 days ago

Loved it. I went clockwise. The uphill was great, awesome coastal views along the high ridge, pretty gradual downhill on the other side. Sweeping views all around. All in al the trail is moderate but it's long. Most of the trail is sun-exposed and on a fire road.

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5 months ago

I run the bulldog50k 2016this weekend . Is a very challenging course .. Now I'm planning on just hiking the loop no running .

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8 months ago

Was very Nice trip love the Hills on the Road Fire, no much single tracks for MTB .

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This is a loop trail...but the map is wrong at the highway part - one does not need to get on the highway in order to get back on the main parking lot.
Mottroad is shown on the map and it should be taken instead of highway but if not careful enough you might miss it; the road adjacent to the right of Mottroad can be taken as well..
Once you reach the highway one only has to cross bridge over that DWP creek then make a left thru a parking lot - cross the parking lot and trail can be seen right away - is gated by wooden beams...

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10 months ago

challenging loop. beautiful. IMPORTANT: those below writing that the finish is on the main road, DID NOT find the correct route at the finish to stay on the trail. Hard to find the correct finishing trail but it is there.

Great but the last part is on a busy road which is no fun...would prefer to finish on dirt rather than pavement.

11 months ago

It was the longest and best hike I have done so far.
I did with 4 of my friends and total miles hiked was about 19. We met some of the nicest people and a true gentleman in every way, who helped us when we got to the caves. I honestly didn't think there were any more real good men left in this world. His wife and his mother would be so proud , plus he was VERY HANDSOME !!!
The views were amazing, the cave's were an unexpected surprise.
The 6 mile hike all Up up up up was strenuous but well worth it. What an amazing world we live in.!!!