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Very difficult finding the trailhead, first because there is no trail named Page Meadow Loop, second because the trail marker is hidden between two trees on the side of the road, third Google maps gave incomplete directions. To get to the loop you have to hike 2 miles up the Tahoe Rim Trail from the north side of Ward Creek Blvd. To find Ward Creek Blvd. turn up Pineland from Hwy 89, take Twin Peaks to Ward Creek Blvd. The elevation gain is steady. There is more than one meadow. We could not find signage indicating the start of the loop, yet there are a number of splits from the TRT, and the All Trails app did not help.

following the Tahoe Rim trail was easy because of the tree markers. But we had trouble orienting ourselves to find the loop option back from Page Meaxows. So we just retraced our steps from Page Meadow.

2 days ago

Amazing views of river, can be very hot midday and very little shade. The way there is mostly downhill which makes it very arduous coming back. The river is crystal clear and so refreshing and calm to swim in. Encountered 20-30 people in 4 hours.

3 days ago

Starts to get difficult but the views are beautiful! I did run into a lot of fresh bear poop! Everywhere so I turned back. Definitely hike in groups

I've done this hike several times. Unfortunately, the way back up never seems any easier (but what's a hike without a little or a lot of heart pumping and sweat inducing glory?).
It is very steep though, both down and up. I would recommend people with bad knees or ankles to keep braces handy or bring trekking poles. And water, it's not a nature stroll in the city so come prepared.
Due to it's difficulty it's normally a very secluded trail which adds to its loveliness even more.

3 days ago

Hike down and up was not especially scenic. River spot was awesome. Good swimming and rock jumping. Water is crystal clear. No one was out there when I went.
I did hike down around 4 pm mid September. The bugs were bad. Really really bad. I inhaled/ swallowed a dozen at least. They swarmed my dog and my face constantly even though I’d used bug spray. Felt like the only break I got from em was when I was underwater.
The elevation gain from the bridge back up to the trailhead is less than 2K per my Garmin. Nice for a quick work out.
Oh and when you’re driving out there there’s a right turn before you get to the restrooms that provides awesome views of the canyon. Beautiful sunset spot

Love Glacier Lake and Island Lake. Favorite Is to go from Carr Lake to Island Lake day 1 and then to 5 lakes next day and back home on Sunday. My favorite local backpacking spot.

8 days ago

Hi all, my friends and I are undertaking this hike soon, is hike 10 miles there and back or 10 each way (20 total)? A couple of sites I went to doesn't seem to clarify this and people are confused.


9 days ago

This is my first post so I apologize if I forget to include any info. I backpacked & camped with z group of 5 people for 3 nights at Upper Sardine lake. Got there via the Mono Pass Trail that starts off at Tioga road from the east entrance of Yosemite. Not a hard trail but also not easy either, then again I’m a newbie. This was my first camping trip, never backpacked before in my life, first time to Yosemite, first time fishing, first everything and I loved it! This was the most beautiful amazing adventure I’ve ever had. From the start of the trailhead inside Yosemite to our campsite outside the park in Inyo under the trees next to the lake, the scenery was breathtaking to the point of bringing tears to my eyes, then again being my first time in the wilderness I was having a bit of sensory overload from all the beauty and the silence away from humanity. There were little to no mosquitos, saw a few deer, tons of fish in this lake, they kept jumping out of the water it was so cool! Took a day hike through Parker Pass to Parker Pass Lake which was the most beautiful color of cobalt blue I had ever seen. Throughout the duration of my stay we hardly saw another soul in sight except for a day hiker here and there. The one thing I underestimated as a newbie was the cold at night; during the day we had beautiful weather in the mid to high 70s, but at night it was in the low 30s and I suffered a bit, lol. But despite the cold at night, I enjoyed every single moment of this trip and can’t wait to go back. This trail was totally doable even for a novice like me, so don’t worry when the trail goes from easy to all uphill for about a mile and a half when you almost reach upper sardine lake, the view of Mono Lake far down below and the serenity of this place are completely worth it. This place is beyond amazing and perfect everyone.

Went for the second time this year, to get back to those incredible panoramic views on the ridge and at Ellis Peak. Glad we did it, and I want to just help everyone be aware of the false summit. I fear that too many get to that point and think that's it.

So, I'm posting some photos from the place you might be tempted to go up to you left to the false summit up to the actual summit. Basically, when you see a peak, don't turn left there to go up the side of it. Instead, follow the path straight ahead, as prompted by the two little rows of parallel rocks on the ground which try to coax you to keep going, plus the little stack of rocks just past it. See the first photo I'm posting. The rest of the photos show what it looks like on the short way up to the real summit, and if course the summit itself.

There were no dirtbikes or any other bikes; just a fair amount of friendly hikers. It was a great day, and we were so glad to be on the trail by 10:30 or so.

Beautiful views with a smidge of challenge. Go early and wear a hat.

Beautiful hike! The loop seems to actually be an access road where the trail goes closer to the lake, so we stayed on the out and back Tahoe Rim Trail and tracked ourselves a couple of times on the downloaded map. That made it about 15 miles... which was really ambitious since my biggest hike before yesterday was 10 miles. That being said, the incline is very gradual, and other than a couple of rocky patches the trail is very clear, bouncy, and soft dirt. Its worth it right before you hit the end to actually summit Mount Baldy on your left. The views of the lake and mountains around you are stunning. It took us 6 hours to do it in full with a decent break for lunch. Definitely would do it in full if you’re confident you can hike that long.... but if not, the views halfway up are stunning, too! And get there before 10am. There are only about 20 parking spots.

The hike back up was definitely hard. Bring bug spray, there was a constant swarm of gnats in my face along most of the trail.

Great hike featuring full views of the lake. However, if you follow the map it seems to abandon the trail completely near Griff Creek (unless I'm missing something). I'd recommend staying on the trail and meeting up with the red trail guide later on. All in all it was 14.4 miles and took us just over 6 hours.

Accessing the trailhead was fairly easy. the last 2.5 miles or so is dirt road, but the majority of this road is well maintained. It was really only the last quarter mile that was really bad. My Ford Fusion definitely dragged bottom a bit, so for power profile cars I would recommend stopping short and parking a little ways back from the main trailhead parking area

The trail itself was beautiful with many amazing views. The last part of the trail, maybe 1/2 a mile from Lake Penner is the steepest portion and gets a little rugged; but is likely manageable for kids 4+

Other reviewers have mentioned an accumulation of human waste and toilet paper around Lake Penner. I did not encounter too many campers around Lake Penner (there were far more campers around some of the other lower elevation lakes along the trail) and did not see the same accumulation of waste mentioned in other reviews. That being said, I did not traverse around the entirety of the lake, so cannot tell you what it is like around the entirety of the lake. However, I did not come across a single piece of trash on my way in or out and actually thought the trail was well kept given the number of people I encountered.

Unfortunately, Patrick’s review is right, this area is just too impacted. There is a fair amount of toilet paper scattered about the area, as well as other trash. It’s too bad, because it was a great hike and the views are amazing.

15 days ago

Pretty but mostly in trees. Pretty flat. Would be more fun on a bike than the hike.

15 days ago

Creek runs most of the way so nice and easy for our dog

15 days ago

River was crystal clear and good for jumping in. The markers are a little confusing. If you see gun shells or the shooting range, you went the wrong way. Got to go early or it's in the 90s with no cover on your way back.

trail running
17 days ago

I love running by the river. Sealed path is nice to get in a rhythm and enjoy.
I ran it as a there and back (about 14-15 miles). WARNING if you do and start in squaw the last two miles will be up hill. I didn't realize until it was too late

This was a gruelling climb. the views from the top and cool alpine breeze were worth it. I was surprised how many other people I saw; not a tonne but more than I would have expected. Maybe look elsewhere or go outside of main summer months if you want to be alone.
I continued up to the top and it ended up being 14.6 miles.

19 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail! Great scenery with plenty of open clearings to enjoy it. The hike to the swimming spots was absolutely worth it as the water was clear and clean. Shade is limited after the first stretch so sun protection is recommended.

Great trail, excellent views. The Monday hike had very few hikers on the trail.

21 days ago

This trail has some pretty nice scenery. The cave is a must see, down at the end of trail once you reach the river great for pictures the water is crystal clear. make sure to have 2 bottles of water on the way back up the trail. over all hike is beautiful would recommend.

on Stevens Trail

21 days ago

Downhill out, meaning uphill on the way back. Mostly gradual, with a few steeper sections. Much of the hike is on the side of the mountain with some cliffs so beware if afraid of heights. Nice views of the river. Shaded for about half of the hike. A 10 minute drive past Auburn does provide better scenery IMO.

23 days ago

take plenty of water, but that's for any hike. It's a quiet hike if you go early enough and there is an area you are able to get into the water for a swim before heading back if you choose. It's a beautiful hike with beautiful views. there's a stretched of shaded area but there's also a stretch with no shade so wear sunblock. be courteous because the trail does get narrow.

Beautiful spot to camp and hike around for a few days :)
No fish to catch in Lindsey in our opinion but lovely spot to float around.
Midweek very chill but weekends surprisingly busy for such a rough unmarked road. My Honda Element made it.

25 days ago

* great, easy hike- creekside to a large water source.
* dogs had fairly constant sources of water.
*fun hike around the lake.
* pretty.

27 days ago

One of my favorites for getting in hiking shape. The trail is steep but well groomed although when the oak leaves build up, it can be a bit slick. It is 2 miles from the restroom to the river and the bridge crossing. There are a couple of trails that go beyond the bridge including a trail that follows the river upstream where you will find abandoned mining equipment and walls of an old stone house.

mountain biking
28 days ago

I'm a beginner at mountain bike riding but this was really fun. Make sure you go clockwise on the loop, so you hit all the fun parts as you are going downhill on the mountain bike track.

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