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Too much snow to shoe to the lake. There were no tracks going north from the intersection of Donner trail and PCT. we just went up to Azalea lake. Snow was up to 5’ deep and Donner is getting up to 3’ more next week.

6 days ago

Wear comfortable shoes, shoes that don’t let your toes ride against the tip. I thought my shoes were fine but going down the trail can be so steep I was literally running down the trail hahaha. Fun experience but take shoes that are really prepared for the descent and incline. My feet were hurting real bad after the hike. Literally had the whole trail to myself the day I went. Love the river! Hike wasn’t too long but it was pretty rough to me and I would consider myself an average hiker. Bring tons of water!

Amazing spot, fantastic view! Very slippery rocks toward the top and often times it can be a bit gusty. Other than that it’s such a cool adventure hike!

10 days ago

Snow was a little crusty as we headed up the final elevation but the view from atop Andesite Peak was breathtaking. Every direction you look is remarkable, especially the view up the ridge to Castle Peak. Pretty windy on top but a perfect day with only scattered clouds. We continued back to Peter Grubb Hut before returning to add some mileage. Easy loop as snowshoes were unnecessary for the trail in the valley as it hasn’t snowed for a couple weeks and the trail is compacted.

Completed the hike today and sure enough it was a challenge, the nearly 2,000ft change in elevation in under 2 miles requires some serious work both going to the river and coming back out.

Conditions: The path was totally clear of obstacles (prior pictures show downed trees), however it was frustrating to see how many people disrespect the area by tossing their empty water containers off the side of the trail. I’d suggest that everyone who reads this and completes the trail take out at least one piece of garbage with them, we can’t stop idiots from tossing trash but we can at least help keep it clean.

Recommendations: The hike can be a long one so I’d suggest getting there early, it took me a little over an hour to get down to the bridge and the trail still continues another 2.5 miles past that. I’d highly suggest trekking poles, save your knees some unnecessary strain, because the hike out will totally kick your butt.
Took me about two hours from the bridge to the car. I’d also suggest some shoes with a good hiking tread, I made the bad choice of opting out for tennis shoes today instead of my hiking boots- bad idea. My shoes had a very slick tread design and the majority of the trail is covered in very slippery oak leafs, so do as I say not as I do and you’ll prevent yourself from slipping and falling. As always bring LOTS of water, the only water source is a small spring (I always carry a sayer water filter, super light and fits on to any standard plastic water bottle) near the parking area so there will be no water options while going up that crazy climb. The trail was very lonely and all though I didn’t see any critters or signs of them other reviewers have stated finding Bear scat during their hikes- Consider bear spray. I hope you’ll enjoy it, it was a blast! Check out my IG for pics of the hike @alvarado_dan_

Amazing views! Uphill all the way there but downhill all the way back. There are historical signs to read and bench’s to rest on... even a picnic table.

I wouldn't consider it a trail. It is a nice walk with historical information.

Nice trail! Well worth going all the way. The trail starts out over populated since it’s close to the highway. Initially this makes following the trail a little challenging but becomes easy as you go. Went Jan 1st so there was a bit of ice and snow. Glad I had ice cleats. Couldn’t have done it without them. I will definitely do this trail again!

Very Cold and boring. I would not recommend it during the winter.

Did this on 12/31/18. I was the only person on the trail all day. It was definitely an adventure. I highly suggest that only very experienced adventurers take this on during this time of year, as it was very sketchy in some spots.

15 days ago

Super fun easy afternoon hike! It looks a lot steeper than it actually is and was very beautiful. There are quite a few places where the trail splits so be mindful of checking where you are! Highly recommend for a fun local hike

Amazing in winter for hiking in snow. There were also not many cars driving along the road so I had complete quiet most of the time, hearing only the snow crunch under my feet. But I can imagine that in summer, it’s gonna be worse. It’s a really really easy trail; it was nice with all the snow but it’ll be just really a stroll without it.

Great for sunrises over Crystal Bay and for when family visits. Interesting historical information makes it a more engaging trail.

A nice stretch (fun with snowshoes too!) with stunning views at the top!

16 days ago

If someone finds a Camillus knife out the can you let me know it fell off my bag should be close to the bridge

Snow packed by multi sport winter use so was very runnable and enjoyable without snowshoes. Peter Grubb Hut a fantastic mid-run reward. Highly recommended as a winter trailrun.

did only part of tral on the side of creek that hooks up to euchre trail to dangerous to complete went straight up mountain to get back to euchre trail i thought it would be a nice shot cut had nice views but not worth your life all trails should take trail of there app or mark as extremely dangerous dont do alone

18 days ago

You feel like a whole new person after dipping into the water at the end!

Not a loop trail. Out and back. The trail gets steep with a lot of loose rock making the climb a bit technical. Otherwise, it was a great workout and provided a fantastic view!

20 days ago


The hike was a little harder & longer than I had thought. It took us a total of about 4 hrs (both up and down the mountain). The view was breath taking, definitely worth it - I can’t wait to do it again once there’s snow! If you have 4WD, there’s a service road you can take that will get you 3/4 the way up the mountain (which would cut out about 2 hrs of the hike)!

23 days ago

Love this hike! Did it in May and again in late December. In May we got a view of tons of really colorful flowers that were on the cliff side. In December there were no flowers but we saw the hibernating lady bugs which was amazing. Be careful towards the end of the hike when you cross the fallen tree over the creek. The ladybugs are ALL around there covering every branch and on the tree stumps. We did not even see them until we were on our way back up the trail after hanging on the rocks by the river. The way back is pretty much all incline but not too steep except for short hills.

27 days ago

Very pretty trail running but our dogs had dozens and dozens of ticks crawling on them halfway through the hike. We had to cut our day short to get the pups taken care of.

27 days ago

Awesome, short hike with great views. There was a lot of packed snow on the route, but it is paved the whole way. Wasn't crowded when we went, and there was plenty of parking along the street (before the gate).

greak hike o did in the sumer would be much better in th spring when wild flowers or out

Great little trek through the woods. Easy to follow the snow trail and the hut makes for a great place to stop and chill for a bit.

29 days ago

Awesome trail - easy to follow the path in the snow from those who have already been there or download the map and use GPS on your phone - it's a popular enough trail you won't get lost. This is a fun trail to take over to Castle Peak and/or down to the Grubb Hut. Several fun options and excellent views. During the winter, pay to park over by the Inn.

The views along the river were great, and I can see how Indian Creek would be pretty if the elephant ears were in season or the water flowing for active waterfalls. The ticks were unbelievable. Between myself and my dog we probably had a couple hundred on us. Luckily i only had one attach, but my poor dog had 50-100 on her.

1 month ago

Great walk with the dogs. Went in December. So little snow.

1 month ago

Great hike, waterfall, view of the river nearly the entire time. There's a small path off to the right, coming in, maybe a quarter or half of the way in, and it leads to a great view on some large rocks. You have to duck a little to walk through the path. Hope you find it.

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