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too easy

23 hours ago

We went while there was still snow in May. This was a beautiful hike even though I didn’t see any wildflowers. There was a huge river running down blocking the other side of the trail about 2 miles in. Fantastic hike!!!!

Dogs and I loved it. I'm on a 3wheeler handicap scooter and could navigate with ease.

Very nice. Easy to follow. Creek is pretty in places. Lake is beautiful. Entrance right on 89. Directions will take you to a different way in but you'd need an off road vehicle. Crowded and LOTS of dogs off leash.

Camas Lilies are just starting to open. Maybe next week the will al be open.

Beautiful view of the water awaits you at the turn around point of this out and back trail. You can walk along the waters edge to the
South and connect with the Emigrant Trail to make this a large loop.

No visible trailhead or trails after bushwhacking for about 45minutes at this time.

Fantastic easy hike! I agree with other reviews. Muddy meadow early in the season, great for dogs who love the water. Listed as a loop, but we didn’t see where the loop went after the lake, so we made it an out-and-back. Also, the description here says that dogs must be leashed, but I didn’t see any signs saying this, so watch out for off-leash dogs. (Most) everyone we encountered with dogs were nice enough to leash their dog when they saw us.

Great time to hike this trail. Limited muddy areas. Wildflowers are just starting.

App keeps closing on me, the activity is snowshoeing, I went in shoes that vented and my socks were wet. There is still a lot of snow up there. There are trails on the snow made by snow motor vehicle that you can't really miss. It's really peaceful and beautiful up on the peak where you can see mountain ranges in 360°. It was cloudy so it for chilly for me. Would definitely go again when the snow melts!

Very hard to find the trailhead. you can just walk up the mountain until you find the path/utility vehicle path and then go from there. Very scenic and wonderful pix over looking the lake. we couldn't make it to the summit since we didn't pack any ice brackets for our shoes. we got to a little under 4 miles when we couldn't go any further.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Lots of opportunity for Mountain Biking and some fast routes. No Single track though, its all OHV routes and some of it is 4x4 accessible.

25 days ago

I loved the first half mile - lots to see and an easy walk for old people and even the disabled. You can roll a wheelchair along without great effort and see plenty from the trail.

The sounds of Highway 49 could be distracting to some but we just accepted it and ignored it. The pond is truly beautiful!

26 days ago

I love this early season hike. Very easy. Trail was muddy in spots due to early season. The meadows are very muddy. But beautiful.

28 days ago

April 23, 2018: No trail blazes at all. Had to use All Trails app constantly to stay on the trail. Very mixed conditions, some snow coverage, then sand and rock. Unfortunately I had to turn around about halfway up the trail, when I came to a creek that had to be crossed. A snow bank on my side of the creek was so tall (at least 6 feet) that I could get down and to the other side. All footprints in the snow stopped there, none continued at the other side of the creek. I looked for other spots along the creek to cross, but the area is too grown in. I talked to other hikers on the way down, who confirmed that that's as far as one can go at the moment. Wish I had known. It was still a beautiful day and nice elevation gain and great view of the ski resort and tram the whole time.

Super easy hike. The driving directions to the trailhead are wrong the actual trail head is right off of Highway 89. Beautiful wildflowers a little bit muddy

There is still a good amount of snow on this trail, but it’s beautiful and doable without snow shoes right now. We saw some very fresh bear tracks in the snow (!) in the meadows, which made us all a bit on edge for the rest of the hike!

1 month ago

Hiked up the peak yesterday. The snow was well packed, needed snowshoes only on our way back. Great hike and wonderful views!

2 months ago

Took the kids over the weekend & it was gorgeous out there. Very easy to find, but a little muddy. We hid Easter eggs along the way to keep the littles engaged & have a little fun

Fun trail, a little technical, but definitely not thet difficult for an experienced rider. No major drops or jumps that I've come across.

Did this hike last weekend. BEAUTIFUL! Definitely needed the 4wheel drive because of the snow to get to the trail head. Left the snow shoes in the truck but could have used them at certain points. Camp ground bathroom at the second lake you come to. Can't wait to come back in the summer!

3 months ago

Overall a Kiss-A$$ amazing experience.
Our trip was an Over-nighter - A Snowshoeing - Backpack Camping Trip in February 2018. So my Review is in the Context of Winter Snowshoeing only.
The first thing I will note is that the many of the later parts of the trail are barely conducive to snowshoeing, unless you are extremely experienced or the snow is VERY deep. Technical Rocky steps - both up and down).
Secondly, there is one part of the trail (which we nicknamed the "Ice Field" where it is ESSENTIAL to stay Right On the Trail on the way down. It is a section of flat rock with a lot of water flow over it - and therefore, ice. Many of the "paths" down over this section (the trail closely hugs the uphill side) "cliff out" in a very dangerous way. We were lucky that this section was not covered with several inches of snow - as that would have been very dangerous. Use GPS.
The views were amazing and humbling.

I love this hike year around! We have gone in everything from stormy and white out to hot and sunny weather. Sitting where you can see Donner Lake and eat lunch is a treat. I have missed the turn to the lakes which is not marked and advise using GPS. It is my favorite place to take beginners and kids.

Picturesque easy hike. It is walkable now (Feb. 10!) but very muddy with icy spots.

made the long drive today to try and reach the trailhead for American Eagle Trail that Junctions at the end of the Euchre bar Trail. upon arriving to Pioneer Mine Road which leads to the trailhead we found that the gate was locked it is unclear as to whether it was the property owners at the very end of pioneer Mine Road or if it was the forest service I contacted the Foresthill ranger station and was not able to get a clear answer as to whether this is a public or a private road online research didn't yield any results either. Basically this Trail is inaccessible at least based on our experience today although pictures online from Google Maps show that at some point the door is open and another reviewer on trails.com stated he was able to access the site perhaps it may be accessible later on in the year we did cross the barrier and Hike about a mile-and-a-half on the main road on Pioneer Mine Road But realize that from where we left off it was still another five point five miles to the trailhead and it would inevitably cross s with the property that appears on Google Maps would not suggest this Trail for the time being completely inaccessible

3 months ago

3 months ago

Had a great sunny day today. Snowshoes the entire trip. I will be doing this again.

Super fun in snow! Went snow shoeing with my best friend today, and it was a beautiful view up at the top! Not too difficult, the steepness is pretty gradual until the end. Would love to see it in the springtime.

Amazing hike. Pack warm, waterproof hiking shoes and trekking poles

4 months ago

Great trail, easy to find and beautifuil setting! Only con is that it's close to the highway so you can hear the traffic going by in a few spots other then that I loved it, the lake is very peaceful and I loved all the beautiful tress

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