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GORGEOUS trail, fairly simple on the way to the river, besides crossing the waterfall that part had my heart beating pretty fast. Cooling off at the river was my favorite part. Trekking back was pretty intense, lots of uphill, lots of sweating, should've worn a hat or sunblock. Took me about 4 hrs hiking time, add 25min cool off at the river, took a generous amount of breaking for photos. Highly recommend this trail, just beautiful!

on Stevens Trail

1 day ago

1 day ago

Love this trail. It rocks! literally. Some views reminds me of Japanese zen garden. Mosses on the trees and rocks. The wildflowers were just coming out and they will be abundant next few weeks.

cross country skiing
1 day ago

Euer Valley is a beautiful place in the wintertime.

Great hike up and fun ride down on the gondola.

7 days ago

Great hike. A bit challenging for some at certain points. Amazing views hiking right along the edge. You cross a couple creeks but you don't get wet. A very nice waterfall I wasn't expecting as well. The best part was relaxing next to the raging water. Very high and fast with all the rain and snow so he cautious.

7 days ago

Challenging hike with beautiful scenery! Easy to get lost though so be aware of your surroundings or have a map handy. I definitely plan on doing this hike again!

Beautiful and vigorous trail. First 1.5 miles are straight uphill without a break. Gorgeous views of the surrounding hills and Sierra Buttes. Not sure where the 12.7 mile estimate is coming from, though. 9.5 miles from parking lot to Hall's Ranch. Definitely a hike I will be repeating.

8 days ago

Easy to get to, right off the freeway with free parking and bathrooms right at the trailhead.
Amazing views and scenery the entire time.

Great view

9 days ago

Great trail for running! Easy to navigate, relatively smooth path and a great mix of inclines and declines. I wouldn't call this trail hard, it's just long if you make the entire loop. Dog friendly!

12 days ago

Nice long leisure hike. Our group went during the weekdays so there were little to none human traffic there. The hike does get narrow at some points and you are literally walking next to the edge of the cliff. Be careful and mindful. Although it has the most beautiful views one can ask for. The ladybugs were a sight for sore eyes this time of year. The hike back was a doozey for some due to the incline. Have fun and be safe. IMO, this trail will destroy you if you are not active outside of hiking.

Been coming here for 10+ years so I cannot keep track of the number of times I've been to Stevens. It never gets old. It's wonderful for dogs and trail running too! If you let your dog off leash, be sure to check it for ticks. I've never got poison oak. I wash my clothes and dogs when I get home. But the ticks are repulsive. Found one on me and 1 on each dog yesterday. Luckily none were latched... the views are ridiculous and the river is raging right now so that makes up for the occasional parasite :\ Soon the canyon will be filled with an array of gorgeous wild flowers. In the summer it gets hella hot so go early and bring water. I've heard about people getting sick because of the heat and the trek uphill back to the trailhead.. this trail sure has become more popular throughout the years. Must be due to apps like these :|

15 days ago

Great little jaunt! Wildflowers are in bloom now and there are panoramic views peppered throughout the entire hike. Also lots of pretty little sections of trees overhanging the trail with sunlight dappling through. Lots of poison oak beginning to leaf right now. Doesn't infringe upon the trail but is just alongside, so be aware. Took a dip - totally refreshing but also mind-numbingly cold, so stay close to shore and obviously avoid the current. Nice climb back out of the canyon - great bit of cardio!