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Liked learning about Lake Tahoe from the education circle. Definitely a stroll and not a hike. Good views.

Challenging hike but so worth it! The views, waterfalls, wild flowers still in bloom the higher you get! Parts of hike from trailhead to Shirley Lake are on granite rock! Shirley Lake is so serene. We had lunch there. Hike out of Shirley Lake easy but once you reach service road it's steep to high camp. Tram was under maintenance so we had 3 mile hike down to Valley but enjoyed every step! Trail is marked well.

One of my favorite trails❣️

2 days ago

meant to do another trail. was okay. went in September and was windy and cold. about 37-40 degrees. bring warm clothes during this time of year

Park at Donner Ski ranch and walk up the ski hill to meet the trail. Hard to find the path but once past the first lake it was a great hike. Everyone's advice below helped a lot! Pretty key to bring your phone to use the app to stay on the trail. Don't be afraid to wander a bit as there's some beautiful views of Donner lake as well.

2 days ago

Wonderful trail, please stay on he trail. Be sure to make for an earily accent to avoid possible afternoon weather, able to get to summit, it is the last turret!

3 days ago

3 days ago

3 days ago

I enjoyed the scenery on the way out a little too much. As a result, I got behind. Trail running the way back was a real good time.
It's possible to go off trail and spend some nice time by the river. There was a good amount of shaded area but there was also a portion where one is under the sun.

4 days ago

I enjoyed the views of the alpine lakes near the end of the hike, great place to sit and eat a lunch. The ascent isn't as spectacular as there is little to no cover/shade. We hiked on a Sunday and there were a ton of hikers. Plus, the fact that chair lifts are all around you takes away from wilderness factor in my opinion.

Pretty end point, pretty forgetful ascent. Busy/crowded