Followed the directions on the trail app and the trail is closed off. There was a sign that says the trail is not open to public. It was a waste of time and I never got to do the hike.

It was a very hard trial, but also very fun to do. I saw a lot of wildlife there. Like a rattlesnake. You are going to have so much fun on this trial

This trail is closed and has been for over a year now. Trails App, please update this trail so people don't waste their time driving to it.

did this several years ago. beautiful view from the top

22 days ago

Nice and easy but not very natural and lots of trash in the river which makes it pretty gross to look at at times. Good running trail and looks fun on a bike (easy, flat).

mountain biking
26 days ago

Danniela, for those of us who want to do it illegally

Why is this hike on the list if it's been officially closed for a while now?

Fantastic hike with a fantastic price tag. Trespassing = $289 fine. Golfers at the course called Fish & Game and an officer was waiting for us. He watched us through a spotting scope. He was the nicest officer but the fine wasn't worth the hike.

This thing is steep. Real good workout to get your heart rate up. I'd avoid it if you have bad knees or anything like that.
I grabbed some big rocks to do arm exercises on the way down...

Looks like people need to make sure they are on the right trail before they review this one. Rock House is much easier and is often mistaken for this trail, maybe because of the main picture. There's a big difference between 970 feet of elevation gain and 2100.

the trail you mention here is not all own by fish & wild life. this trail cut thru a private property own by me. anyone is welcome to hike thru my 12 acres property without hindrance. here is the description of the property. start from the fence up about 400 ft x 1350ft to the east, anyone can check it on the county land parcel # 585-140-08-00 or email me at

2 months ago

This was a hard steep trail. Bring your hiking poles. Wonderful views!