mountain biking
1 month ago

1 month ago

This was a decent hike. The scenery was meh but this could have been due to the season. It’s fall, hasn’t rained in a while and everything is dry and brittle. The way back was pretty sketchy due to the trail being eroded and overgrown. I had my dog with me today but would not recommend taking your 4-legged friends unless you put them in protective footwear. There were a lot of cactus spurs on the trail and cacti butting up against the trail on the loop back. I might do this again in the spring without my dog and when things are more green.

Came across a rattlesnake today! be safe and watch where you step!

The beginning of the hike is rather dull, and once the trail kicks in it's not much better. The views of the lake are nice, but the trail wasn't super well maintained. I would definitely put this in the easy category as opposed to the moderate.