Such a great hike! It's definitely better to go when the weather isn't too hot because you're in direct sunlight. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks, and wear the right clothes for the weather. You need a permit in order to go on the trail so try to purchase that in advance on line because although they are sold on site, they sell out on busy days. There is a tent you have to check in through to start the hike and rangers patrolling throughout the area, as well. Dogs are allowed but make sure they can make it the 5-6 mile round trip. The view while on the path is a gorgeous panorama of the surrounding hills that makes you feel like you're on a tropical island.

It's a few miles in to the sign that points you towards Cedar Creek Falls so just continue in that direction and follow the stream (that you'll have to wade through a few times) up towards Devil's Punchbowl. There is an area surrounding the pool of the waterfall filled with rocks to sit around on and rocks that can be scaled without too much effort to reach the point to cliff jump. It's so much fun and not too high of a drop, as so many young children do it. You can swim through the pool of water towards a gathering of rocks that allow you to hang out right next to the falls. The rope swing hanging above here doesn't look that sturdy or long enough to sustain jumping off so I wouldn't suggest trying it. The hike is downhill the whole way into the valley and uphill on the way back so make sure to save some of your water!

Great short hike. My new favorite under 6 miles

Great Sunday afternoon hike, 3 creeks to cross, water is super cold.

very well maintained with beautiful views. you must buy a pass for $6.00 up to 5 people. best to go during the week in the morning so you can enjoy it with less people. pack a lunch to eat at the falls but take your trash home. no trash cans or bathrooms along the way only at entrance. 1st 3 down hill while water is flowing you need to cross creeks. the 3 back is the way you came so all up hill. Bring water. have fun!

A little more difficult than anticipated if you're really flying on the way back up. Well worth it for the views at the bottom. Be prepared to cross the creek 3 times if you're going after a rain.

Spectacular views! Must do both trails to the top of waterfall and bottom...breath taking.

Awesome hike! Make sure to have your permit. The ranger is there to check you in before you step foot on trailhead. Waterfall and streams were all flowing great! Bring a pair of sandals. One of the Creek crossings can get deep. The other two have rocks to walk across on. :)

We had to cross 3 creek beds to get to the waterfall. The first one was up to mid-thigh. Totally worth the hike. Waterfall was amazing. Don't forget your $6 permit and ID when you go!