Decent trek. Not the most epic waterfall, 3 Sisters and even the PQ Canyon falls are more impressive. Worth scratching off the list though. Get that permit and pack that agua!

5 days ago

If you do this over the summer make sure to bring plenty of water and start early or start late unless you can take the heat.

Fun hike, the waterfall was flowing good when we went, thanks to the rainy winter. We hike to the top of the fall which was a leg burner. Bring enough water.

I complted this hike in mid-May. My favourite So Cal waterfall so far. Typically I'm not a fan of non-shady hikes and this one is not shaded for the first couple miles but once you get to the river crossings it's shady and the waterfall is so magnificent that I forgot all about the first hike down! Great place to swim, relax and eat lunch/snacks and explore. One hot days I definitely suggest taking lots of water. The hike back out was not as difficult as I expected. Definitely will make this a repeat trip!

Found a ring freediving at the falls. Men's ring, titanium with wood inlay. If you can tell me the initials inscribed inside the ring. I'll return it to you.

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Cool waterfall, not hard at all!

One of the best trails in San Diego, hands down. The falls and swimming hole at the bottom are incredible!! The hike back up is definitely not as bad as people have made it out to be, although it does get HOT, so be prepared. It's important to note that you need a permit for this hike, so go online and purchase ahead of time.

We had the best time doing this hike with our 11, 8, and 6 year old girls. We left later than we hoped about 9:45 and completed it at 1:20 with about an hour or so playing in the swimming hole. Get a permit, you can't access this trail without it, and bring lots of water. We each had 32 oz and it was good. The way back is all uphill so being cool and wet helps! We will definitely go again.