The beach features pine trees, mountainous sand dunes, and ocean side picnic spots. Bordered by large agricultural fields west of the city of Watsonville, the beach is a year-round destination for thousands of visitors.

I'd rate this easy, not's a levee trail after all and so basically level. We actually parked at Sunset State Beach (although you can park on the road side for free) and got to the trail via the 0.6 mile connector on the map. That is a private road through an organic farm and we planned to ask permission but never saw anyone. You could avoid this by entering about a mile up the trail at the Waste Water Treatment Plant where there is a dedicated parking area. The trail is actually a levee road, at least as far as we went to Main St. in Watsonville, mostly dirt but with a short paved section and is wide enough for two bike riders with the Pajaro River on one side and strawberry and cauliflower fields on the other.
Plus: we saw a big bobcat hunting on the river side.
Minus: we got punctures in all four tires from tiny thorns.