Nice little stroll don't expect an actual hike during this time. You can walk down to the beach and dogs are welcome.

Amazing Views along the coast

Trail is super easy and it is under construction. The pass is closed however if you look hard enough you will find a hidden trail, scale down the edge of the mountain and it leads to a rope, climb down that rope and you have a beautiful beach that is secluded and private and all to yourself. That was the best part!

Great and easy trail when your on the go and want to escape the city life. Park on any side street. There’s a little coffee shop at the start made out of a trailer camper. Enjoy!!

Very basic

Is under construction. Nothing but the dusty field(( All passes are closed

We were in San Diego for a conference and stopped in the evening. A bit busy but everyone had there own thing going: yoga, surfing, dog walking, photography. Stayed to watch the sunset of course- was not disappointed.

A gorgeous overlook of the ocean at sunset, but not so much a hike.


Something scenic

This isn't a hike, it's more of a stroll along the beach, but the view is amazing and perfect for sunsets. However, please don't ignore the danger signs. My best friend's cousin was scrambling there, fell, and barely survived with a broken back, rib cage, face, and damaged internal organs. He had to be airlifted, and it went on the news and everything. It's relatively safe BUT DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS

Not much of a hike but so much much fun and absolutely beautiful

So beautiful!!!

Beautiful views of the beach and ocean. There's a large parking lot. Only drawback is that the trails are not clearly marked and it can be confusing. Some graffiti which is really unfortunate and a few people walking around with their dogs off leash. Still amazing views for being a free park.

Great for a stroll, definitely don’t have to do the whole walk. Simply beautiful... & in April there are wildflowers!

Fun trail with beautiful sights! Definately suggest getting there early to walk around and stay until sunset.

Amazing views! Easy walk, but again such astheics.

The view was spectacular and the cliffs were fun and easy to walk around on. Lots of cool surfers to watch!

Took advantage of the super low tide today. Great trail.

8 months ago

Nice walk. Be careful of cliff drops!

8 months ago

Sunset Cliffs is simply beautiful! Highly recommend.

rock climbing
8 months ago

Great sunset

Nice and easy trail. Good for the kids.

it was great, i went with my friends anda take a picnic, and amazing photos

mountain biking
11 months ago

I end up catching atleast one goat thorn per tire on this trail. It's kinda fun, with some asphalt mixed in. The trail does scale the cliff side for about 1/8th of a mile. That's the only exciting part to be honest.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Such a short adventure. We walked through some caves and emerged to the edge of a cliff. Had to jump off and swim back. More of a "mosey around and explore" than a hike I think. But def a good time!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Awesome place love it!!

trail running
Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Awesome view and run. the cliff parts are a bit sketchy, so I used the sidewalk on the opposite side. stairs going down to the water were crazy cool.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Not really much hiking but listen to the name and you will see one of the most amazing sights of your life.

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