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11 days ago

If anyone was there between the hours of 3:30-4:30 on 9/10 I want to know if you made it out alive? The flash flooding washed out the trail for my 16 y/o nephew, baby brother, and I. We barely made it out, one of the scariest most intense things I've done thus far!!! The legend of Tahquitz is real, and he did not want us there!!!

Loved this trail !! Def do it again !! Make sure you take enough water and your swimsuit if going into the waterfall !!

Pretty short hike, but still worth it. Great for kids due to the distance, wild mountain goat sightings, and refreshing waterfall.

1 month ago

First went here in the 90's when it was trespassing (sorry). So beautiful. Easy short hike to a beautiful waterfall.
Took my husband and littles a few years ago. Now maintained and they charge to get in. They put a few non natural "steps" etc to help get you to the falls. Favorite time to go is spring when the water is freezing from the warmer weather and fresh snow melt.

2 months ago

Wonderful walk with a chance to stand under a waterfall at the furthest point! Did at 8am with Ranger, as already 95deg F ... and it just got hotter...!

trail running
3 months ago

Love it. I go every time I get a chance.

This is such a pretty hike, but pretty short. We started as soon as it opened; 7:30am. Since its summer, the entrance fee is only $5 per adult. It's very easy but has some steps, which could become strenuous for anyone that isn't able to climb many stairs. The waterfall is absolutely beautiful and it's pretty chilly, but you get used to it after a minutes or so.