It’s a good hike but it’s definitely not well marked and you have to walk through a dusty river bed to get to the good part! I think I rather stick with Lykken Trail it’s more challenging and less dusty!

Very pretty. Recommend doing in morning for more shade. Just to be's $12 PER PERSON! Don't forget photo ID if you plan on using a credit card...we saw people turned away for a $24 charge.

Beautiful rock formations, hummingbirds and delicate lizards.
November 14, Waterfall still flowing.

Great little trail with beautiful waterfall at the end. Costs $12.50 per person, but worth it if you are in the area. Includes a guided tour covering flora and history of the canyon. I enjoyed the tour!

1 month ago

2 months ago

$12.50 to hike. Nice waterfall/creek but too short of a hike for $

It was a nice shaded hike and not too hot. You do have to pay to hike so if you are looking for a free hike don’t come here.

This hike is short but amazing. The waterfall was super nice, the water super refreshing.

Easy and full of wildlife.

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