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1 month ago

I really enjoyed this trail. Lots of wildlife and cute cows that graze the fields. Little Yosemite is a lovely landmark along the way, although it tends to be pretty crowded with people sunbathing, wading and swimming. Not trying to be a party pooper, but this place does NOT allow swimming and wading...I wish people would respect this park rule since it's usually in place for a good reason... I'm removing an extra star from my review due to the fact none of the water faucets/fountains work.

Sunol Regional Wilderness is my favorite area to hike in the Bay. It's just so pleasant! Almost immediately upon stepping onto this trail, we saw a bobcat! I couldn't believe it! He ran off the trail and went to rest in the shade. He didn't want to bother anyone. We also saw two vultures, a raffle of turkeys, a lizard, rodents galore, and of course, COWS! The first part of the trail is somewhat shaded and there are plenty of trees, but also plenty of sun. Once you pass the threshold of the Ohlone Wilderness Gate, you don't get anymore shade. As you near the peak, you start to see a lot of hikers from the Fremont side. My friend and I were glad we took the longer, more scenic route. The views from our side of the mountain were sensational. The other side had views of the suburbs and absolutely no shade. When we neared the peak, we confronted a bunch of craggy rocks. Climbing up them was a lot of fun. In fact, on the parts that offered trail vs. rocks, i opted to climb up the rocks because the trail was a little slippery with bits of tiny pebbles that were easy to slide on. It felt good to reach the peak, but I must say, we didn't even stay up there long enough to take a picture. There were flies everywhere! I didn't even want to get close to the pole because it was like Lord of the Flies. It also didn't smell great. But we went just 20-30 feet down and sat in a bed of grass to overlook the nearby cities. We could even see Sutro Tower.

If you want a trail permit, you'll have to buy it at the park during the weekend for $2 or purchase it on the internet and have it mailed to you for $4. We went on a Friday, and even though we asked a park ranger to buy some, she told us they weren't selling any on a Friday morning, and besides, no one was checking for permits along the trail (wink wink). The permit is apparently nice to have, though, because it's a map of the entire Sunol area, and it's good for the whole year.

In terms of wild flowers, I was expecting to see hillsides full of them, but they were here and there. We saw some purples and some golden poppies. The park rangers and docents were planning for the annual wildflower festival next weekend, so maybe we were too early to see them in all their glory.

All in all, this was a great hike! We only passed 1 or 2 hikers on the way (until, or course, we got to the peak) and we constantly stopped to admire the beautiful hilly views. I wouldn't consider summitting Mission Peak any other way.

Awesome hike. Difficult in some areas but doable! Very crowded at top of the peak but trail there and back pretty empty which was great! Totally recommend

2 months ago

Not too far from home but offers tons of hiking, backpacking, and even camping options from this single staging park. Today we just did around 5 mike loop but it was perfect for our two families. Ran into many people up to Little Yosemite falls spot but then it thinned out a bit. Still you’re never alone long, especially in such a sunny day after a week of rains. I’m planning to do the section hike to Del Valle from here in the summer solo, but the lush green landscapes today were so nice.

3 months ago

Great hike and less traffic!

Excellent hike for spring season. Perfect weather with breathtaking views. Hike is long but not super hard.
Loved it!!

great scenery, however, be careful of cows during calving season (spring). we got chased by a mother even though we were trying to walk around the calves who were on the trail.

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of wildlife, and the only other people I saw on the trail were at the peak coming from the other side. Entry gate was free today (weekdays?) so no attendant, but I lucked out and caught a ranger as he was leaving who was happy to help me out with the wilderness permit. The trail is pretty well maintained and despite the recent rains, I had minimal issues with mud. The fog was still lifting when i reached the top, so the view was a nice hybrid of landscape and mist.

5 months ago

We hiked the the Eagle View trail at Sunol Regional Wilderness. Total distance was 7.2 miles with a elevation gain of 1,683 ft. The views were spectacular. There is few challenge ascents in the beginning but overall it was a pleasant hike.

Great hike for the most part, some beautiful views.

6 months ago

I love this hike and have been on it a few times. I would consider it to be moderate (difficult trails, to me, involve climbing over rocks or trails with sheer drops) It’s best to go in the spring or fall when the weather is not got, as the trail does not provide any shade. There are some pretty amazing vistas, especially in the early mornings worth the clouds/fog.

There’s a ton of nature to see, including turkeys, ground squirrels, turtles, deer, quail, hawks, and especially cows, which you can walk right alongside. Keep in mind that as great as it is to be so close to the cows, that also means lots of “mud pies” everywhere you step along the trails.

I recommend starting up the Flagstaff trail early in the morning and then stopping by the pond for a break, and heading down via the Indian Joe Creek trail. The hike takes about 2.5-3 hours

Other things to note: There’s a $5 cash only entrance fee. Also the restrooms are not great, so I recommend stopping elsewhere beforehand (eg Sunol super stop)

9 months ago

Beautiful trail. Bring your hiking sticks. Go early like 6am. There are two ways to start this loop. I started from Flag Hill Trail and returned via Hayfield road.

10 months ago

I recommend start hiking in the morning. Not much of shades so it will get super hot.

10 months ago

great trail, had a lot of fun walking along the stream. beware of sun burn and prepare enough water. they will charge 5 dollars for nothing.

10 months ago

Too many people in 'little Yosemite' but once you pass it, you'll have the mountain for yourselves. It's full of critters, so if you bring a dog that likes to 'hunt' you may want to keep him on leash. (no ticks)

Rocky hike to the summit, but worth for its views. Park hours are 8am to 9 pm, so come early to get the parking spot near the visitor center. So don't have to walk on road to trail starting point.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Easy hike, amazing view, dog friendly, and surrounded by beautiful nature.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

We hiked up to the Eagle View trail at Sunol Regional Wilderness with a 7.5-mile loop hike (4.5 hours) with a total ascent of 2,000 feet. The fields were lush green from our recent winter rains and showing abundant of the spring wildflowers.

Walk and ran this with my Dad. Great trail but, make sure to bring plenty of water!

on Flag Hill Loop Trail

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Such a beautiful trail! Spring is my favorite time to visit Sunol! This loop is difficult, but the views are worth the sweat! BRING SUNSCREEN AND PLENTY OF WATER! There are cows on this reserve, do not pet the cows! The mommas get very testy! Cows are not aggressive by nature, but will charge is they feel threatened or you get too close to their babies!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

UNREAL greenery and verdure along this trail. Can be crowded if you head the flag rock way but the trail to eagle via old joe trail has nobody on it and absolutely spectacular views for a little hike.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

gorgeous views now that the hills are green. can be quite muddy though.

This hike is great if you're wanting exercise rather than beautiful scenery. It's a difficult and longer hike with little coverage from the sun and lots of cattle. The scenery is pretty monotone, not to shabby but nothing amazing.

You need a permit for this trail. It's $2 and you get it from the ranger at the booth when you enter the parking lot. This is in addition to the parking fee so make sure you let them know you will be hiking this trail.

Anyway, great hike. Nice view from the top. Super busy at the top. Expect a long line to get tang photo with the post. Good exercise but overall nothing to write home about. Oh and it's dog friendly.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

this placd is very beautiful. great place to take your fur kid hiking. the trails are nice and wide and easy to pass others.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Such an amazing hike!! I went out with my dog and it was a lot of fun. There are a bunch of different trails in this area. The only thing is that it rained a lot yesterday so the trails were still pretty muddy. It was quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. I definitely recommend this hike if you are in the area.

Monday, November 21, 2016

As a part of our Sunol Regional Wilderness Loop Hike (8.5 miles), we started at the Indian Joe Creek Trailhead, then we turned to Canyon View Trail, continued onto Camp Ohlone Road, Geary Road, Backpack Road, McCorkle Trail, Eagle View Road, Cave Rocks Road and finally returned to Indian Joe Creek Trail to complete the loop. This hike was an 8.5-mile loop hike (4.5 hours) with a total ascent of 1,900 feet. The scenery was fantastic, and great workout too. Definitely will be back in the Spring.

Monday, November 21, 2016

As a part of our Sunol Regional Wilderness Loop Hike (8.5 miles), we started at the Indian Joe Creek Trailhead, then we turned to Canyon View Trail, continued onto Camp Ohlone Road, Geary Road, Backpack Road, McCorkle Trail, Eagle View Road, Cave Rocks Road and finally returned to Indian Joe Creek Trail to complete the loop. This hike was an 8.5-mile loop hike (4.5 hours) with a total ascent of 1,900 feet. The scenery was fantastic and we all got a very good workout.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Loved this trail and feeling high up. Felt like some trial maintenance along the way would have helped. Watch out for Mama cows. Sometimes they don't want to clear the trail for you to get by. Altogether, a great hike. We'll be back!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Very nice trail with beautiful views, plants, and cows. About 6 miles total from the parking lot. Wear pants to avoid scratches from plants when the trail narrows. Highly recommended, one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Easy overall. I only went till the dam and headed back. I just followed the road all the way.

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