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Went on this trail right after spring rains in 2017. plenty of water in the creek pretty awesome cause the trail goes along right next to it for most of the way. nice and green after so much rain.

trail running
11 days ago

This trail is closer to 4 miles than 5.5. It is a climb but you get to cruise on the way down, kind of a fun figure eight Loop with an awesome farm / barn picnic area and pretty well marked dirt trails. Shady patches. Indian Joe Creek was dry as a bone when I ran this trail in late July. $5 parking fee. Bring cash.

The view can be quite different, depending on what season you come. Today is my second hike on this trail. Too hot (there is no shade), and the hills are almost yellow. But last time I came here in November, the hills were green, with a small lake at the end of the trail. Be sure to bring lots of water! The canyon view trail is very narrow, so be careful and wear good hiking shoes.

We did this in early August, weather was partly cloudy so didn't get too much burned. The trail had good tree coverage and shade in the initial 1/3
This trail gains elevation in the start and then remains flat before coming down to Little Yosemite.
The return loop is on flat (boring) Ohlone Rd, so we took a right after some walking on Ohlone Rd. This meant climbing and joining the Canyon view trail and then descending back via canyon view trail.

This is lightly travelled trail, we started early, before 8 am and saw other people only around 10 am.

There is no cell reception on the trail, so download the trail map and also get offline Google maps.

We parked on left, a little before Geary Rd becomes one-way loop.

The start of trail is not very well marked, we had to cross a small wooden bridge (behind the parking spot) to find the trail head.

18 days ago

One of the hardest hikes I've ever done and I was not well prepared. It was a hot day and I didn't bring enough water or a filter (ended up drinking the untreated water). I also didn't know you needed a permit so I didn't have a map either (ended up using my phone to look things up). That said, it really is a challenge and I only saw 3 people on the trail (and 2 of them were just backpackers leaving). The solitude is creepy but kind of interesting if you're not used to it. Definitely have a hearty breakfast and research the area before you go. It was a spur of the moment decision for me but I'm glad I did it. Took about 9 hours.

Beautiful trail. Bring your hiking sticks. Go early like 6am. There are two ways to start this loop. I started from Flag Hill Trail and returned via Hayfield road.

I recommend start hiking in the morning. Not much of shades so it will get super hot.

1 month ago