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Park Features: This stunning park of rugged peaks and beautiful vistas has a remote wilderness feel. Its 6,859 acres of wilderness were once home to the area’s first inhabitants and then became vast ranchlands. Today it offers hiking, nature study, backpacking, and picnicking; it draws thousands of visitors annually. The Old Green Barn Visitor Center offers naturalist-led programs that bring to life the history of the park or interpret its natural features. At its higher reaches, the park features large outcroppings of rocks that offer a glimpse into its marine origins. There is little water available in the park beyond the Visitor Center; be sure to bring adequate supplies with you on the trail. Open 8am to Sunset (varies seasonally)

We went on this hike today and it was pleasant moderate hike. The hike is steeper in the beginning but becomes gradual later. Both way trip took around 2.5hrs. Would recommend going early since parking gets full.

good view

13 days ago

Not too far from home but offers tons of hiking, backpacking, and even camping options from this single staging park. Today we just did around 5 mike loop but it was perfect for our two families. Ran into many people up to Little Yosemite falls spot but then it thinned out a bit. Still you’re never alone long, especially in such a sunny day after a week of rains. I’m planning to do the section hike to Del Valle from here in the summer solo, but the lush green landscapes today were so nice.

Fun trail along grassy hills to creek with waterfall.

26 days ago

Great hike and less traffic!

Great place for hiking. One of the best in Bay area. Beautiful views especially during spring when everything is green.
I have done more than 20 hike in Bay area and this is one of the best

Very easy walk on the path to see the waterfalls. Next time I would love to go further into the hills into actual hiking trails. The main fire road was packed and people were everywhere on the falls. Many people don’t know how to respect nature. It was actually kind of sad. Beautiful place being ruined my uneducated people.

I think we rneed

Excellent hike for spring season. Perfect weather with breathtaking views. Hike is long but not super hard.
Loved it!!

Decided to do this as a dayhike to train for Whitney later this year. Definitely found myself wishing I was overnighting it. Beautiful hike with plenty of solitude. Lots of up and down on the way up, which means there's still plenty of climbing to be done on the way back. Rose peak is not a high prominence peak, so the views at the top are less rewarding than the breeze at the top, but it's still a nice perspective. Last few miles were particularly tough just because of distance (closer to 20 miles). Took a short detour up to the water spigot at sunol backpack camp to refill on the way back (boiled my water as it is untreated), before cutting down the backpack road towards little yosemite to go around the last bit of uphill on the mcorkle trail. Exhausted and sore, but happy i made the hike.

great scenery, however, be careful of cows during calving season (spring). we got chased by a mother even though we were trying to walk around the calves who were on the trail.

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of wildlife, and the only other people I saw on the trail were at the peak coming from the other side. Entry gate was free today (weekdays?) so no attendant, but I lucked out and caught a ranger as he was leaving who was happy to help me out with the wilderness permit. The trail is pretty well maintained and despite the recent rains, I had minimal issues with mud. The fog was still lifting when i reached the top, so the view was a nice hybrid of landscape and mist.

A nice little hike done in the early days of the regional park, around 1970!

Great trail. Flag Hill has beautiful views of the canyon. Recommend taking Hayfield Road down.

nice hike. Not too hard but not super easy either.

The little Yosemite Area may not have as much water/waterfalls as expected or as shown in pictures. If you go in with the expectation of seeing something like yosemite, you’re bound to be a bit disappointed: We went recently in December and it was a bit of a disappointment in terms of what we expected versus what we saw.

Having said that, it is a BEAUTIFUL hike and it was quite green when we went. It has some great views of hills as well as plains. Go with the right mindset of enjoying nature and you’ll have a great time!

Cool clear day for an easy stroll.

Great hike and the weather was perfect.

I did this hike with a group of kids from 2 years to 16 years, all were family members, they enjoyed it very much, especially when they were at little Yosemite, climbing the rocks and trying not to fall in water made it a very fun play hour for them.
The canyon view trail to little Yosemite is not stroller friendly, however you can use stroller on the Ohlone Road to Little Yosemite.

3 months ago

We hiked the the Eagle View trail at Sunol Regional Wilderness. Total distance was 7.2 miles with a elevation gain of 1,683 ft. The views were spectacular. There is few challenge ascents in the beginning but overall it was a pleasant hike.

Great hike for the most part, some beautiful views.

4 months ago

I love this hike and have been on it a few times. I would consider it to be moderate (difficult trails, to me, involve climbing over rocks or trails with sheer drops) It’s best to go in the spring or fall when the weather is not got, as the trail does not provide any shade. There are some pretty amazing vistas, especially in the early mornings worth the clouds/fog.

There’s a ton of nature to see, including turkeys, ground squirrels, turtles, deer, quail, hawks, and especially cows, which you can walk right alongside. Keep in mind that as great as it is to be so close to the cows, that also means lots of “mud pies” everywhere you step along the trails.

I recommend starting up the Flagstaff trail early in the morning and then stopping by the pond for a break, and heading down via the Indian Joe Creek trail. The hike takes about 2.5-3 hours

Other things to note: There’s a $5 cash only entrance fee. Also the restrooms are not great, so I recommend stopping elsewhere beforehand (eg Sunol super stop)

I love this trail. it is a beautiful area and I especially love the river.

Went on this trail right after spring rains in 2017. plenty of water in the creek pretty awesome cause the trail goes along right next to it for most of the way. nice and green after so much rain.

trail running
7 months ago

This trail is closer to 4 miles than 5.5. It is a climb but you get to cruise on the way down, kind of a fun figure eight Loop with an awesome farm / barn picnic area and pretty well marked dirt trails. Shady patches. Indian Joe Creek was dry as a bone when I ran this trail in late July. $5 parking fee. Bring cash.

The view can be quite different, depending on what season you come. Today is my second hike on this trail. Too hot (there is no shade), and the hills are almost yellow. But last time I came here in November, the hills were green, with a small lake at the end of the trail. Be sure to bring lots of water! The canyon view trail is very narrow, so be careful and wear good hiking shoes.

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