I'm new to the area and I am trying to find this trail. The GPS takes me to the side of HWY237 and park along side of road. That doesn't seem safe. I see no trail. Anyone help me find this trail!?

I am able to get onto this trail from Cabrillo Avenue. Yes the bike trail could be wider but I find the fact that it is essentially dedicated bike trail wonderful. The cement barriers which protect us against San Tomas exp way are very welcome -- I don't like to be even within 6 inches of the typically aggressive cars in this area. I enjoyed watching the water, ducks and the occasional snails.

The road felt both easy and challenging - the biggest grievance I have is fellow bike riders who pass behind me and pedestrians without giving a verbal or bell warning that they are behind you.

trail running
4 months ago

trail running
9 months ago

I was expecting to see the wetlands by looking at the pictures and it was all dry

Recycling plant and trash facility located nearby, but the smell is largely from the fact that it is a marshlands. So you will smell a lot of Sulfur and stretches of this trail. Especially in the hotter seasons.