Peaceful trail, beautiful. It is not always accessible if has snowed. Easy for kids & beginners.

The only reason this hike/walk didn’t get 5 stars was due to the drive required to get here. Long, lots of sharp turns and bends, hard on the car, only room for one car at times. But the lake is wonderful, path fantastic! Clearly marked, well maintained. Just a great way to spend a day off!

Really cool area. Very scenic and easy to do. The whole trail loop is paved and is short. Other unpaved trails branch off from this trail that lead to more isolated areas. The reservoir has regular camping sites as well as car camping sites. Easy to fish out of and there are plenty of sites to choose from or go more off trail and find your own spot. Great for dogs.

Great trail but there is a landslide near the dam side if the lake.

Lovely walk along a mostly paved path. Had a hard time finding the start of the trail, but we followed some folks who looked like they were making their own path, from the top of the parking lot. Then we realized the trail starts down by the boat launch (so we got an extra mile in with all our backtracking

10 months ago

Beautiful trail around Sugar Pine Reservoir. The trail winds around the lake, in and out of mature forest with plenty of shade and lake views. About 1/2 of loop is paved. This trail is frequented by families and bikers which when busy can be an uncomfortable mix; however, the paved sections of the trail are generously wide. The unpaved section is supposed to be off-limits to bikers, but we saw a few anyways. The trail site says that as of May 2017 part of the trail is washed out, but there is really only a couple large downed trees that you can scramble over or an unofficial detour trail that is a short hike up a hill and back down to the trail. Otherwise, the trail is completely accessible. Great picnic areas! The drive in along I80 to Foresthill Rd is MUCH easier than driving in from I80 to Iowa Hill Rd. The Iowa Hill route has many one lane switchbacks for several miles, but does have an incredible view when you cross over the North Fork of the American River.

5 months ago

Wednesday, August 10, 2016