My girlfriend and I hiked this in November. Moderate temp (50*s) and bright blue sky. Took us 2 hours up and about 1.5 hours down from Crag Lake. Beautiful scenery with a mixture of terrain. The trail begins with a nice flat trail and then it is a moderate climb for 3 or so miles up towards the two lakes. Don't forget your Day Pass which can be filled out and dropped in the box right at the trailhead.

I got to Stoney Ridge Lake on this trails which is about 12 miles round trip. From the trailhead to Lake Genevieve is about 4.3 miles. Another .3 miles and you are at beautiful Crag Lake. On the way to Stoney Ridge Lake you can see Hidden lake to the right and grassy Shadow lake on the left. Trail goes along the creek and in early spring it should be flowing nicely. The trail itself would be the best to visit mid summer since it's very shady. It's an easy hike. Really nice trail for trail running, beginner mountain bikers. On the other hand fall hiking means no crowds. I only met 2 people in 4 hours hike.

Hiked this over Columbus Day weekend. Nice balance of flat and easy with uphill and rocky. Good mix of scenery, sun and shade, and the gurgling creek was a nice touch. It took us about 2.5+ hrs to the lake - lots of photo op stops. It can be done in a lot less. We were a mix of athletic, moderately so and not so and all found it quite enjoyable.

We hiked from Meeks to Echo over 4 days. Camped at Rubicon, Fontanilis and Aloha Lake. An Amazing time of year to go, still warm but with no bugs. The scenery can not be described and the the pictures fall short of showing the beauty. We got off trail by accident a couple of times but just added to the beauty, we seen a couple of lakes by accident. This was our first multi-day backpacking trip and learned a lot along the way. Already planning the next trip.

Hiked to Lake Genevieve today with a friend and our dogs. We only saw 6 other people on the trail total. This is a lovely hike, mostly uphill to the lake, but a gentle grade. Since the weather was cool today, we didn't get to swim in the lake, but I'm coming back next summer for a dip.

Trail run today from Rubicon Bay to Lake Genevieve. Total trip is about 13 miles. Trail was a fun single track with about 1300 feet of climb. The lakes were amazing!!!

Great trail, lots of windflowers!

Fairly easy hike. We ended up going further to the just before rubicon. Total hike 13 miles out and back.

Went in early Jun 2016. Parking lot at Meek's Bay trailhead can accommodate 8-10 cars, and you're allowed to park overnight for free w/ a wilderness permit. Trail is clear of snow up through Crag and Genevieve Lakes. Take in the gorgeous views of Crag Mtn. Saw many environmentally unfriendly campsites around both lakes - if you are overnighting, make sure to camp 100 ft from the water to prevent erosion, avoid bothering animals, and minimize your impact!

If pressing on to other lakes: After Genevieve, you'll encounter a stream crossing and will want to find the right spot to cross - there several safer logs to straddle upstream 100 feet or so, and a few places you could bolder scramble. Still 3-6 ft of snow in some areas leading up to Stony Ridge Lake, so be sure to have the proper footwear and hiking poles if needed.

We did this trail 5/2014 and made it to Crag Lake. 5/2016 we made it to Stoney Ridge Lake, gps recorded 14 miles round trip. No snow all the way. When we reached the Meeks Creek crossing beyond Crag Lake it was too difficult to cross so we Bush whacked remaining on the north side of Creek to get to Stoney Ridge Lake and therefore unable to make it to Rubicon Lake. There may be some of you capable of crossing Creek but with slick logs and rushing cascading Creek, i was satisfied with our gorgeous destination. Looking across the lake we could see lots of snow but saw plenty of tracks indicating many had been passing over Creek successfully. It's a moderate climb most of the way. But well worth it, after all we've done it more than once.

Closest shore access to the only (public) Tahoe campground that is open year-round: Sugar Pine Point Campground. Lots of paved "trails." File this place in the walking file, not hiking. Make sure to get down to the dock near the employees' housing - great views of South Lake Tahoe. The Pine Lodge and other buildings that looked of some historical significance located next to the employees' housing is open only in summer months.

Easy flat in most area, would be a great trail for kids and mountain biking