awesome trail. plenty of rock climbing near the top of the peak. loved it

my home away from home if you live in the san fernando valley and want some peace of mind then stoney point is the place.

cons: graffiti, trash, broken bottles

The trail itself is amazing. I love that it's not one designated path, and you can explore/climb rocks and go wherever you want. My only issue is all the destruction that had been caused by people not taking care of the place. There is trash and broken glass everywhere, as well as graffiti. The glass is a safety hazard, and much of the graffiti is some type of profanity, so I would be hesitant to bring children along on this one. I just wish people weren't so rude and destructive. Super unfortunate what has happened to it.

It was overall an easy hike . I wish there was more uphill.

1 year ago

A pretty short hike/climb, great for kids and beginner's.

Went on the trail and climbed up the rocks. I didn't expect much from this place as it's not much but -- it is. At the beginning of the trail, we witnessed a group of people utilizing a couple rocks to free climb. They were taking all necessary precautions to avoid injury -- which was a relief. We turned the corner and found a spot to climb upward to the top, so we did. There are multiple ways up to reach the top so just pick and choose. Once you make it to the top, sit down and enjoy the great view of the valley. On the way down we sidled our way between a couple of large rocks and on the other side were met with a couple rock climbers -- this time with rope. Again, great to see a variety of people here. When you make it back to the bottom, onto the main trail, it's a short trek to the end. This is not a difficult or strenuous (trail) hike and is particularly great for the view at the top. If you want to achieve a quick climb to the top of some rocks to enjoy a decent view of the valley, this will suffice.

Views 5/5
-Clear sky, veg, rocks
-Lots of rock shade
-No water

Activities 4/5
-Rock hiking
-Rock climbing
-Dirt hiking

Wildlife 2/5
-Some snakes, flowers
-No birds

Life Support 3/5
-Very close to urban
-No drinking or restrooms

Shorter hike when you some from the North.

1 year ago

on The Summit

2 years ago