cross country skiing
4 months ago

Amazing views! We discovered this trail from Ridgecrest Rd after discovering other hikers emerging from the trail. Looks like most people started their trek from Ridgecrest and parked their cars on the dirted area. The trails starts off like a meadow/grassy area with a slight incline. Once you get over the mountain range you will be amazed by the city and ocean views. Then the rest of the trail is all decline down the mountain side. We were above the clouds, and the teenagers loved it! The return hike was a bit difficult due to the incline but a great work out!
TIP: Route ends in a neighborhood type area, just follow the sprayed arrows (not the painted city ones) the opposite direction. It will take you right to Stinson Beach Market, and just past that Stinson Beach.

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Lovely place for a stroll

on Stinson Beach Trail

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