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Stanislaus National Forest is a United States national forest which manages 898,099 acres of land in four counties in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. It was established on February 22, 1897, making it one of the country's oldest national forests. It was named after the Stanislaus River.

Good trail, took my dog who isn’t used to hiking and he did well (last September)

on Lyons Dam

mountain biking
20 days ago

YES! We got so turned around on this one and it was amazing! I was happy that we got an early start and I downloaded the trail map though because apparently when we started, we should have turned right instead of left... or was it left instead of right?! I don't know! My sense of direction is bad and it's been almost a month since we hiked here. I just had the best time though. Beautiful big trees and a place where you can really lose yourself in nature ;) ...and we really did!! We were following a trail and then it just started getting more overgrown.

Eventually, we decided to just bushwack up the hill to where we knew Cougar Rock was (thanks to downloading the map) and made it up there. Once at Cougar Rock, there were lots of people of different ages so I guess it's good for the whole family if you have someone with a half decent sense of direction in your group. Not us though. Regardless, I can't wait to go back! I loved the adventure.

This was a nice trail. It's very mellow and well-trafficked. I noticed a few families and a father and son riding bikes. It seemed like a great place to go trail running or bring small children.

23 days ago

Good and easy trail with minimal up and down. Ideal for less energetic hikers and kids. A little muddy in parts but it was January.

For lack of time we only walked in a mile. Great views! Well maintained path with signs and picnic tables, which we left unused. Easy walk at any age. Starts out in what looked like a ditch which, after torrential rains a few days ago, was a bit soggy, And not everyone follows the ‘dogs on a leash’ rule.
We’ll definitely go back for a longer walk.

Amazing views, easy trail and lots of perfect picnic stops along the way. My 5 and 3 year old made it two miles in and loved it!

I give this trail a 1 only because it is now way over used and populated by flatlanders , I'm guessing mostly due to this app making places like gods bath far too easy to find. I used to love this place, but no longer is it a peaceful clean swimming hole for the locals during the summer. It is instead exploited and littered upon by smartphone toting millennial tourists, looking for that off the beaten path experience. My point is that if more and people want to visit these remote places and enjoy them, then it would be in everyone's best interests to do so respectfully and PICK UP YOUR TRASH! And DO NOT pack anything made of GLASS! Thank you!

Completed my hike of this trail in July 2018.

This was my first overnight hike and the reviews are right - the distance isn’t what you think it is. You have to park in the overflow camping parking lot which is like a mile away from the general store. There’s a gate you walk through that is to the back and far right from the store. From the gate, the trail head is about another mile or so... so the trail is significantly longer than you’d expect. The first couple miles are uphill and it’s fairly steep. Quite exhausting for a novice biker but very doable at your own pace. You share the trail with mule and horse teams. If you go in summer, bring sunscreen and reapply liberally. Also bring electrolyte tabs because you’ll sweat a lot.

The views are unbelievable... worth every bit of your sweat if you hike to the lake. Keep in mind, however, that once you get to the little pg&e cabin, the trail becomes INCREDIBLY muddy and kind of disappears. We sank our boots because it was so boggy and ended up having to dry them out. Had to hike up the side of the mountain and use game trails to get back on the regular trail without sinking our boots again. If you do this, wear pants, not shorts. Lots of pokey nettle bushes.

There was nobody at the lake when we camped there and it was so nice. Waterfall sounds everywhere. Swam in the lake, too.

Totally worth it.

1 month ago

We stop here to enjoy the view. The vista is really cool.

off road driving
1 month ago

Several Technical challenges and requires other drivers and a spotter. Went with the Madhatters 4x4 off road group and had a great first time out! We started from the south and turned around at Wench Hill which was backed up and was significantly challenging for new rock crawlers like myself. Bring a camera and friends... tons of fun.

Easy hike overall with rock scramble right when you get to the top. Beautiful views from the top. Lightly trafficked throughout.

I love God's Bath. it has a very steep drop to climb down where a rope is attached to use, but with caution, as I'm sure it's pretty old. once you've reached the bottom, get ready for a rocky climb. you have boulders to cross and a very large Boulder to balance across with marginal footing. Again, there is a rope to hold on to but it's very narrow. my husband told me if I start to fall, push out so that you hit the water, not the boulders below. Once you've reached the waterfalls and pools, you can enjoy a peaceful swim all to yourselves. We were alone in a few pools of water.
Be safe and happy climbing!

good hike but view of falls was not as good as expected

trail running
1 month ago

A really great trail run. Just beware this time of year (December/January) there are a few slippery/muddy spots. Make sure you wear shoes that you are comfortable with getting muddy.

Beautiful views of the South Fork of the Tuolumne River.

Best hike. I have been doing this hike since I was a kid and now get to explore it with my boyfriend and dog. Tiny section with rock climbing but amazing areas where you can jump into the river

Bring shoes equipped for ice. Many parts of the trail have ice right now, especially during morning times.

1 month ago

great trail to push yourself on, a lot of ice this time of year

Absolutely gorgeous trail with plenty to see and experience. I think it's rated 'moderate' due to the length (almost 10 miles out and back) but don't let that deter you from hiking there. It's flat and easily accessible for all kinds of hikers. I saw plenty of folks on the trail with dogs and plenty of horse prints along the way. The trail is both sunny (bring plenty of water during the warm months) and shady (cool enough for a warm hat in December). I don't recommend bringing kids without some way of keeping them on the trail - it's steep on one side. There are informational signs along the way including identification of trees and about the railway. Enjoy!

Love it!

Walked from the Black Oak Casino RV Park to the trail. Was a great and easy walk. Once at the trail it was a steady path with great views! Definitely would recommend.

love this hike. plan for the kids to get dirty, lots of trees on the trail to climb over. perfect hike for kids, but steep for the last 10 minutes. Great for swimming.

This is a pretty awesome trail. The new sections puts this trail into Hard territory. I have a rock buggy on 1 tons and 43’s and I have run this trail many times, it is always fun. Last run there was a group of broke Jeeps on one of the obstacles and I took a bypass line around them and proceeded to beat on my rig harder than I have in a long time, but I was able to get around. The group of Jeepers were on 33-35’s and they didn’t look like they’d return.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail alongside a creek. The trailhead is littered with no trespassing and no public byway rights signs. I bailed after about five minutes on the trail. too bad. looked nice.

I hiked this trail yesterday. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Overall it was an enjoyable hike. Seems as though it should more appropriately be rated as easy rather than moderate.

great day for a hike! trail was hard to find in places. I wish I had just gone out and back.

The views were amazing. Made this our first hike of the Fall season. Weather was nice and cool. First time wearing pants and a long sleeve :) We were a little confused coming back from Bear Lake as the trail was a little washed up, but we made our way back. Trailed off in the beginning, but got back on the path. This ended up being 10.5 miles for us due to us straying off course a bit. Totally worth it! Would definitely do it again

3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! This is the backcountry and so there is a lot of bushwalking and finding your own way. No marked trail but every once in a while we came across some trail markings (stacked rocks). Bring 2-3 L of water for the hike and definitely a water filter- at this time of year there is some water in large stagnant pools- also used for swimming and washing dishes. As you climb towards Hyatt lake on the granite wall, stay on the lower end and make the big climb once you are at the “foothill” of the saddle. We tried climbing way before over what it looked like a ridge thinking the path would be easier and flatter- we had to climb back down and lost a bunch time. If you are traveling with a dog make sure they are wearing doggie booties- the granite will destroy the pads on their paws! We were unable to go over the saddle and to Hyatt lake because one of our pups was struggling with the granite. We’ll definitely be back with proper footwear for our 2nd pup. Buy a forest land map if you can read it or download this All Trails map and make sure to bring an extra battery! Hiking poles were super helpful on our way back to the car as there’s a lot of climbing and uneven terrain. Have fun!

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