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Stanislaus National Forest is a United States national forest which manages 898,099 acres of land in four counties in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. It was established on February 22, 1897, making it one of the country's oldest national forests. It was named after the Stanislaus River.

This is an absolutely beautiful hike! It's correctly listed as "moderate" because there are a lot of elevation changes (small, but strenuous), sections where you are hiking on boulders (but the trail is also mostly dirt/pine needles), and several narrow spots. I recommend a hat, hiking pole, sturdy shoes, and plenty of water. Why anyone would bring a child in this hike is beyond me. The best time to go is after the summer rush before it gets too chilly. Enjoy!

off road driving
4 days ago

A group of us drove this trail yesterday and it was pretty awesome. The new reroute had one really tough hill that takes some work to get down. Rock rails are a must have item and I would suggest having a minimum of 33" tires. If you're in a JKU then you will be dragging on your skid plates.

Great hiking trail with beautiful views. The trail is well marked and taken care of.

Beautiful vista.

Definitely will be doing this trail again. We only went to camp lake this day but will be back to continue to bear lake. The beginning is mostly incline and was heavily traveled with a few large groups. Once at the lake we explored a bit. It is worth while to hike up to the ridge to see the views.

10 days ago

Hiked this as an overnight backpacking trip with my family: two girls, ages 13 and 15, and mid 40s wife. We did so over Labor Day weekend and were not expecting big crowds at the Crabtree trailhead. Fortunately, we were able to find a nice campsite at the lake. Most folks had already set up at the south end (where the trail enters the lake) but there are a lot more spots if you continue north/left. Fuel here is at a minimum. Also, it's easy to pick up that this is a popular spot (toilet paper, bit of trash, no low limbs on trees, etc). Overall, a nice beginner's backpacking trip. The lake itself was quite warm at this time of year and good for a dip.

10 days ago

Hiked this as an overnight backpacking trip with my family: two girls, ages 13 and 15, and mid 40s wife. We did so in June and it was exceptionally hot! Once we made it to the falls though we were able to hydrate and cool off in the river. Upside of the temperature may be that we had the place to ourselves. There was plenty of fuel for a campfire at the time and multiple campsites to chose from. Nice trip for beginner backpackers given the distance and elevation change. The trail itself was pretty overgrown in parts and, as others have mentioned, you have to watch out for poison oak.

Very nice mostly easy terrain until you get to the boulders. For me it was harder going up then coming down but totally worth it even without the waterfall. I’d advise wearing pants or longer shorts as I had to be in some awkward positions to climb the rocks and get back down. No woman wants scraped up legs. I enjoyed that it wasn’t full on sun. There was plenty of shade to enjoy on a hot day. Although I did see dogs at the bath I wouldn’t recommend bringing them up there. Also bring a backpack keep your hands free as you will need them both to get up to the bath.

12 days ago

A little fun finding the trailhead but a beautiful day hike. Not too steep but has some up & down to it with twists and such to keep it interesting. Bring you trunks if you want to cool off nice swimming holes and smaller cliffs to jump off if your into that

Very nice trail . We didn’t have any trouble finding
The trails , not much water but it’s a beautiful place

17 days ago

The trail is on a wide fire road the whole time. It’s almost completely flat. I biked in and out in less than an hour without any real difficulties. It has some beautiful views and great smells from the pine and sage. There are a lot of blackberries on the trail so if you’re there at the right time you can definitely get some of those. There was a washout close to the dam but I just got off my bike and walked it down and around where a small trail was made then continued riding. I recommend it for an easy ride or hike but don’t plan on sweating much.

Bring gloves with grip to help you go down to the river. Also help when you have to climb on some boulders on a hot day. Bring lots of sunscreen.

off road driving
19 days ago

I got a stock JL Rubicon with 35s no lift , was able to go trough the new section ( rubbed on the skid plates and pulled the winch ones ) , used the bypass on the stairs till next time when I’ll be back with a 2.5 inch lift , will be enough.. great trail - don’t go alone !

First time, made it through no problem in my Rubicon with 35’s. Great trail, plan to spend time at the lake and bring your suit! Definitely will go again

20 days ago

no waterfall, was completely dried up at the fall. All the cigarette butts and graffiti on the rocks ruined it for me. Felt more like i was hiking in a canyon in the city or something. Dont waste your time going here. Maybe in spring but even if there was water i wouldn't go.

21 days ago

First hike with a group. Was challenging for us newbies. Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding rocks. Was very proud of making it all the way around.

I prefer to go from lake alpine to Utica reservoir. it's not harder but I like it better. fun trail takes 2-3 hours to go straight through. baby Rubicon. would not recommend stock vehicles

23 days ago

great hike but lots of poison oak. The trail goes right through knee to chest high poison oak especially on the first 1/3 of the trail. But other than that it was an awesome day hike!!!!

25 days ago

Walked only 2 miles in then turned around to walk out It was getting dark. Nice averaged a 18 minute mile. Not bad for the first time....

It's a pretty boring route, the canyon is beautiful at the beginning, but then nothing happens. River is from a distance, and there isn't much shade.

25 days ago

Really nice easy hike along a well maintained fire road. There's a wash out about a mile from the dam, but look to the right for an easy detour - no problem for hikers but could be a little challenging to pick up a stroller or wagon and carry it up the hill a few yards. We took the flumes (accessed by a stairway at the beginning of the dam) part of the way back - they are plenty wide enough to walk comfortably in single file. We only stayed on the flumes for a mile or so, but there were several wooden bridges providing access to transfer back from the flumes to a steep maintenance road and up to the main trail.

off road driving
26 days ago

I was in the area and didn't think my stock K1500 with 32" tires would handle it but figured I'd just see and turn around if it didn't look doable. I didn't have to go further than the first rock obstacle to figure out there was absolutely no way unless I wanted to thrash the truck. About this same time a newer Tacoma with 34" tires was coming up the bypass after coming to the same conclusion about his truck. The Jeep Rubicon in front of me made it through the first obstacle fine but I ended up seeing him later and he turned around because he didn't want to chance it solo. As the review below stated, if you don't have 35" tires, expect damage.

off road driving
29 days ago

Rather easy trail. Passed a truck towing a 5th wheel travel trailer. Stopped at the cabin and had lunch outside. We brought tools so we decided to fix up some shutters, outside boards and little things in the cabin.

1 month ago

Great swimming hole !!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! It is perfect for the dogs. It is a bit dusty but overall very fun. It’s flat which is great for an easy going hike.

1 month ago

Our family loves this hike. We do this about every 2 years while camping (alternating with Duck Lake). Our 3 young kids handle it well, taking about two or three breaks on the way up. Our medium sized dog handled it fine in the past, now we have a tiny dog-carried her in a backpack. Just did the hike last week, took us about 3 hours total. Most of the trail is shaded, minimal to no shade at the top.

1 month ago

Amazeballs scenery, awesomeness walking trail, and super duper scary flume bridges. I conquered my fear of heights! How do people do this with kids?!

Pretty hike but lots of mosquitos, my sister and I got eaten alive towards the end of the hike.

Parts of the trails were misleading. But overall it has beautiful scenery with some wildlife added to the trip. The hike is for sure over 6.7 miles. Also you need to be aware of some rock climbing involved. Overall I would recommend nice trail.

Lovely trail with beautiful spots to swim!
Remember to bring lots of water.

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