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off road driving
2 days ago

Great trail but definitely go with others. My stock two door rubicon did well, tho I did scrape the skid plates underneath a bit. It’s better suited for vehicles with more ground clearance and bigger tires.

does anyone know if slick rock is open yet? I would like to go up this weekend

on Lyons Dam

21 days ago

Easy and scenic hiking and quiet fishing on most weekdays.

Definitely a “easy” trail. Not moderate at all. Great Lake and cold swimming most of the year.

This trail is near level with little grade. It is an out and back trail, unless two or more people will be hiking together. In this case a vehicle can be left at the far end for an easy return to the trailhead.

2 months ago

It was snowy and lovely. Met a couple of hikers. Saw folks on horseback. We only made it about 2.5 miles in and didn’t hike all the way to the dam. That was too much for us in the snow. We did see a small cascading waterfall. Very small. Lots of wildlife tracks. Exciting.

Easy and flat trail with beautiful views. Our dog loves it too. I can't wait to see the wildflowers in spring.

3 months ago

Nice walk on a dirt road. Pretty busy with dogs, bikes, runners. Open in winter. Will go back!

I enjoyed the fact that there were markers along the way telling you the names of some trees. Also how far you have gone and some history of the rails. My dog enjoyed it as well.

off road driving
3 months ago

Are there trails that I’d be able to take my stock 2017 tundra on? I’m not expecting to do rock crawling, I just want to get on some dirt roads and climb up the mountain to see some beautiful sites!

on Lyons Dam

3 months ago

If you don’t have any fear of heights - walk the flumes to the dam. The views are stunning.

Wonderful hiking trail! Great trail markers and educational signs. Picnic tables and benches along the way. Awesome views. A trail for all ages to enjoy.

Some nice views and very well marked trail but the trail got a little boring after awhile. It is very flat and anyone in reasonably good shape can do it. The trail ends abruptly with no major payout at the end which was a bummer. There are also lots of ticks so bug spray is a must and be carried you bring your furry friends.

off road driving
4 months ago

Had some snow and ice to add some complexity, but was pretty easy and enjoyable trail.

7 months ago

I've been hiking this Trail for over 30 years in my most recent hike with my Great Danes I do believe I found some mountain lion tracks

8 months ago

It's a down out and up back trail.

The start was a little tricky because it passes through a posted private property area. Stay on the "road" and you're good.

on Slick Rock Trail

mountain biking
9 months ago

We rode Mt Bikes down from Lake Alpine. There were plenty of spots where we had to get off and walk but what a beautiful trail. There were a lot of Jeeps and rock crawlers and it was fun to watch them climb the the big obstacle on the Utica side. There's a spot about 1/3 of the way from Lake Alpine where it opens up to a sea of granite and a stream running through there were people camping there. It's an amazing spot

fun trail, nothing too exciting. You do end up on Bear Valleys ski resort if you follow the ridge. campsites along the trail are nothing special.

10 months ago

Easy enough for all skill levels, a great hike!

Good place with a pretty view of the canyon. I use this trail to run for it's pretty flat and not super busy. Easy to find and always has parking.

Very cool hidden gem. I went at 7:15 am on a very hot June day with my 2 year old Pit. We did 3.5 miles round trip. Very cool to walk along the old railroad tracks. Nice picnic tables along the way.

Easily found trail and really doable for all ages. My 11 year old and I did just about 3 miles in and then back. Positives - mild terrain, a couple of shaded picnic benches along the way, pretty views of mountains and mostly clear trail. Not so positive - not much shade on a hot day (best in cooler weather - we baked as there wasn't much shade at all), other than the mountains it's a little boring this time of year (probably much prettier in early spring), fairly overgrown just after 3 miles in (was worried about snakes this time of year so we turned back - saw one rattlesnake about 2 miles in, it was on its way into the brush...). Might do it again in cooler weather since it's not far. Several others out there today but definitely not crowded.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fun hike, great for training and family.

Beautiful trail, did a little over two miles in then back with family. Mostly flat, easy trail. Awesome views overlooking river, lots of flowers to see and picnic benches along the way to enjoy scenic spots.

Loved it!! Lived here for many years and never knew about this trail!! Was awesome and the flowers and scenery are beautiful!!

Great views and the wildflowers were amazing. Will be back :)

Was looking for a trail do you post op. Very flat but with amazing views. Picnic tables dotted throughout the trail. Even posts about the history. Today we charted 13 different wild flowers that were in bloom. The bush lupine is amazing right now. Definitely keeping this as I go to.

Stunning scenery, cool old railroad tracks...very pup-friendly trail!!

Started out at 10:00 am this morning and hiked to mile marker 6/1. We crossed a couple of streams along the way and saw many wildflowers in bloom. On our last mile back we did come across a 4ft rattlesnake on the trail. He was not aggressive nor did he "rattle" but do be aware they are around.

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