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1 day ago

Nice and simple trail, crater was a cool lime green color surrounded by some trees.

nature trips
1 day ago

I would rate this more as a nature hike. The trail is fairly easy until the last 1/4 mile. From there it becomes steep and rocky until you reach the falls. We did it with a 4 year old in tow.
The trail is within the burn area of the 2013 Rim Fire, it provided a great learning opportunity for our 12 year old to see the devastation and regrowth as part of our nature's cycle.
The falls are amazing with pools to dip in if you dare (that water is icy! brrrr!!).

Was definitely a great trail to run! Pretty challenging with all the rocks to climb and hop over. the bridge you have to cross over a waterfall was a bit spooky but totally worth the views!

Great place to visit

Nice and easy trail but heavily trafficked. Have to constantly move out of the way for oncoming hikers or people behind you. Some people almost take pets out and doesn’t clean up after them. Either than that the trail is beautiful and worth it if you have the patience.

Easy hiking with a well maintained trail and easy to find markers. The main water inlet is absolutely amazing, plenty of great spots along the way to take pictures, pinecrest can get overwhelmed with guests so we like to do our adventuring as early as possible.

8 days ago

There are several short hikes here and you can easily jump from one to the other. The parking area was not clean and maintained. Pretty sad all the garbage was over flowing. The trail is not really special and yes was burned several years ago.
The falls are worth the hike. Great swimming holes and cold water!

Moderate scrambling, but fun for the whole family ! The pools are awesome and if you don’t mind cold water take a swim!

does anyone know if slick rock is open yet? I would like to go up this weekend

Perfect day hike with dogs. Enough people on trail in early May for guidance (as needed), else terrific solitude. Good uphill ascent to get your blood flowing. Will try to stay at the cabins at the trailhead or pack in next time to hike deeper into Emigrant.

nature trips
14 days ago

The road in is a local back road, not well maintained but navigable. Look for the bent cattle gate with two large boulders (GPS led us right to it).

Easy hike in with our 4 year old and 12 year old kids. A little steep at the end to a sweet little swimming hole. Wildflowers and butterflies were abundant. Watch out for poison oak. As always, please pack out what you bring in.

beautiful - hike by Pinecrest Lake, Stanislaus River, forested area, waterfalls and Cleo's Bath at top. the rock scrambling is rigorous in one spot.

Pretty nice, we did it in the snow so it took a bit longer. 1 question why do people pick up their dog poop, but then leave the damn plastic bag? Retards.

on Lyons Dam

18 days ago

Easy and scenic hiking and quiet fishing on most weekdays.

21 days ago

It's an ok hike through a nice pine forrest, but the craters aren't that great. Nothing much else to see.

23 days ago

Gorgeous walk kinda confusing when you pull up as to where you need to start the trail but the waterfall and area were great

Definitely a “easy” trail. Not moderate at all. Great Lake and cold swimming most of the year.

Great hike however it was extremely difficult for me but I am also no where near being in shape

1 month ago

The Dece Scouts headed to Preston Falls for an early season backpacking trip. The weather was supposed to be horrible. We started the hike in the rain, walking along the very high and flowing river. The rain died down after an hour or so, and by the evening it was clear skies. Lots of trees down on the trail, and parts were flooded, but all in all, a great hike.

Easy hike, plenty of space to park, restrooms, beautiful view!!!

nature trips
1 month ago

Great little day hike with a cascading water falls and swimming holes throughout. I would rate the hike down as an easy hike. Not too over-crowded and you’ll be able to find a peaceful spot without too much trouble if the main water fall is crowded. Great jumping options rated beginner to expert and as of the first week of April ‘18 the water isn’t as cold as you’d think. Get in! Highly recommended for single, double and family groups. Will be coming back to this beautiful hike/swimming hole.

on Hiram Peak

1 month ago

I've completed this hike a handful of times as Upper Highland Lake has been a family favorite for camping for as long as I can remember. There are a couple of ways to tackle the summit. The quick but more difficult way would be to go up the summit from the right side of the lake. This side is extremely steep and rocky with no sun coverage, I would definitely recommend walking sticks if you take this route. The route on the left side of the peak is much more gradual, with some tree coverage until you approach the summit. Be sure to wear a pair of good hiking shoes, otherwise you'll feel every little rock once you approach the summit or if you come down the rocky side of the peak. The views from the top are absolutely breath-taking (so is the altitude!). To quickly get down you can come down the rocky side of the peak, although I will admit that the last time I did this I spent most of that time sliding down on my backside.

Some notes regarding the area: There are only toilets available in the campground near the lake. Otherwise, it is extremely remote. The road into the lake area turns into an extremely bumpy dirt road, so I would not recommend driving in with a car that is low to the ground.

1 month ago

Great for an easy introduction for kids that aren’t used to hiking, or when you are short on time.

Nice hike, great views and the snow on the ground made for great pics! animal tracks in the snow indicate a bear or mountain lion were present beyond the water tanks. I would never do this hike during tourist season but February 2018 was a perfect time!

This trail has dangerous fall situations. Not for children

2 months ago

Nice hike. Low impact but gets rocky by the end. Peaceful and pretty. Nice hike along creek to waterfall.

This trail is very dangerous and should never be mistaken for less. I personally have assisted in two helicopter rescues from this trail, both being fall victims. On three different visits the the bath, I have seen the remains of dogs that had fallen to their deaths. I am a local and have frequented the bath for over forty years and say this trail demands caution!

Just give yourself enough time to get up and back before dark. Don’t take ANY detours. We did and have quite the nightmare story. If I were to do it again I would be smarter and use the trail.

This trail is near level with little grade. It is an out and back trail, unless two or more people will be hiking together. In this case a vehicle can be left at the far end for an easy return to the trailhead.

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