Photos of Stanislaus National Forest Fishing Trails

Completed my hike of this trail in July 2018.

This was my first overnight hike and the reviews are right - the distance isn’t what you think it is. You have to park in the overflow camping parking lot which is like a mile away from the general store. There’s a gate you walk through that is to the back and far right from the store. From the gate, the trail head is about another mile or so... so the trail is significantly longer than you’d expect. The first couple miles are uphill and it’s fairly steep. Quite exhausting for a novice biker but very doable at your own pace. You share the trail with mule and horse teams. If you go in summer, bring sunscreen and reapply liberally. Also bring electrolyte tabs because you’ll sweat a lot.

The views are unbelievable... worth every bit of your sweat if you hike to the lake. Keep in mind, however, that once you get to the little pg&e cabin, the trail becomes INCREDIBLY muddy and kind of disappears. We sank our boots because it was so boggy and ended up having to dry them out. Had to hike up the side of the mountain and use game trails to get back on the regular trail without sinking our boots again. If you do this, wear pants, not shorts. Lots of pokey nettle bushes.

There was nobody at the lake when we camped there and it was so nice. Waterfall sounds everywhere. Swam in the lake, too.

Totally worth it.