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Stanislaus National Forest is a United States national forest which manages 898,099 acres of land in four counties in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. It was established on February 22, 1897, making it one of the country's oldest national forests. It was named after the Stanislaus River.

16 hours ago

Amazeballs scenery, awesomeness walking trail, and super duper scary flume bridges. I conquered my fear of heights! How do people do this with kids?!

Pretty hike but lots of mosquitos, my sister and I got eaten alive towards the end of the hike.

Parts of the trails were misleading. But overall it has beautiful scenery with some wildlife added to the trip. The hike is for sure over 6.7 miles. Also you need to be aware of some rock climbing involved. Overall I would recommend nice trail.

Lovely trail with beautiful spots to swim!
Remember to bring lots of water.

For a novice this was great

Was rather smokey when we started, but got better later in the morning. Challenging, but the worth the trek. Great view from the top!

It was my kids first time riding their bikes on a dirt trail. This was perfect! We even picked some juicy blackberries along the way. The trail was nice and smooth.

off road driving
8 days ago

Went with a group of vehicles back in the first of July. this is a fun trail and if your rig has 35" tires or smaller you will be scraping your undercarriage. A few one rig got some body damage, one broke a ball joint. I would suggest taking at least one person with experience on this trail. Plan spending more time because there is a nice stream to hangout at and Lake Alpine, plus some of the obstacles can be tough.

off road driving
8 days ago

I have driven this trail a few times and it is always fun, once in late Spring, Fall and Winter where we got stopped by snow just before the beautiful overlook. This is a good trail for the beginner with a 4x4 with some ground clearance. There will be a few spots that might worry a first timer but the rocks are easily driven over and most of the trail is fire roads. Bring some food and have lunch at the overlook.

Even in late summer with little flowing water the pools and vistas make the hike more than worthwhile!

off road driving
9 days ago

Solo run yesterday. Fantastic trail. Clear of fallen trees. Bring your swimsuit

A scramble to the very top and worth it for the 360 view.

Awesome hike and very scenic!

off road driving
10 days ago

New reroute is open

California Conservation Corps help rebuild this trail and rock steps !! ⚒

11 days ago

Don't follow the directions through this app. Thank God I was driving a Jeep, even then I had to get out and look and make some assessments as to whether I needed to turn around. Take Crabtree Rd out to gianelli and skip going through Dodge ridge. yikes. It was super pretty and a good adventure though. Def would recommend for a short lil hike with the kids.
Also this is labeled as lightly traveled and on a Monday I seen probably 15-20 other hikers. I would say that's at least moderately traveled.

Great hike when you get to the end. Beautiful views. Need better markings at the beginning of the trail.

First time hiking in Pinecrest and I absolutely loved Cleos bath trail. It's not too clearly marked in some areas, you can lose the trail. Some people are nice enough to spray paint arrows but they are fading. The swimming hole at the top is the best part of the hike!

14 days ago

I was planning to have lunch at the lake, taking in a swim, but was disappointed by the pond. I guess there’s a reason why Katherine Joy barely mentions this lake in her book. Had a good outing though, although I didn’t see any bears as I did last year.

on Folger Peak

14 days ago

This is an awesome short hike up to the summit of Folger Peak. It's a lot of climbing in a short amount of time but the views are spectacular. Trail is hard to follow at times - there are rock trail markers along the way. Definitely a few steep rocky sections that require some coordination.

love this trail

17 days ago

Would do again. I loved the waterfall at the end. Bring good shoes with traction

This trail was tough. Not good for little kids unless their parents are patient and strong.

20 days ago

Started at Bourland Meadow. Near long barn ca

Amazing views. Car size granite boulders. Sandy beach at Hyatt lake. Beautiful cherry creek as a lunch stop. Good fishing.

You basically head to bottom of basin. Then up the granite slope

The saddle u go over is absolutely beautiful.

We slept in truck at trail head Thursday night then hit trail Friday morning. It’s not for a beginner. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up.

22 days ago

Did this hike last weekend with a few friends. Weather was a bit hazy from smoke but nothing serious. Throughout the day it cleared up. Light traffic.

19MAY2018 - Awesome day hike. Moderately challenging as advertised. We brought our dog and carried our 1 yo daughter along with us. not too crowded. Great views along the way and a beautiful snow-capped backdrop of the reservoir at the top. Perfect spot for lunch before heading back. It was also cool to see the old abandonded equipment along the way, from when the dam was constructed.

we only made it to Camp Lake but it was great!

I want to leave this review as a WARNING for anybody who goes to this place. I have been here several times and yes it is beautiful, which is the reason I have returned each time, but the last time I went was nearly my last day on this planet. I have swam in the pool at the end of the trail countless times, even under and through the waterfall, but apparently this last time the flow was significantly stronger than the previous times I went and I was pulled deep underwater and held against the riverbed for around 2 minutes. I thought for sure I was going to die but I was lucky enough that I forced myself along the riverbed until i was on the other side of the current and finally pushed out. Several people pulled me out of the water and I was unable to speak or move for close to 30 minutes. PLEASE take the waterfall at the end of the trail VERY seriously because its strength changes dramatically throughout the year.

Good place to take your little ones for a hike and camping trip. It’s gets very packed with people on the weekends!

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