Started the late in the day . Temps were I've 100 that day . The falls were beautiful and was able to get to the bottom of them to cool off before hiking back.

The falls are amazing...had an awesome experience...

residents had road blocked off :(

Beautiful waterfall ❤️ The second half is so much better than the first half.

I"m giving it three stars because most of the trail is an access road for emergency vehicles. We started a 9am in 90 degree heat, it wasn't that difficult and we met only one other group on the way out. The drive in from Camp Far West is over an unmaintained gravel road with plenty of pot holes and washboard. Great place to wreck the alignment on a Kia or Focus. The water was great for swimming. I would recommend this if you are less than an hour's drive from the trail head, otherwise there are more scenic trails near to you. We enjoyed it, won't go back.

Nicely maintained trail.

We made the unfortunate choice to hike here starting too late in the day... 11am start. There is very little shade and few options to get into the creek until you are about half a mile from the falls. There are some moderately steep spots, which weren't bad but in the heat seemed mountainous. The falls were very pretty and the pool below them looked inviting but it was a steep climb down to them and back up to get out. Having our dog, we didn't venture down there. We ended up going back to the little pool that we first came to and sat there for awhile to cool down before hiking out. The pool is shallow (an adult can touch the bottom) and felt so refreshing. Beware... there are little fish in this pool that will give you a test-taste. Doesn't hurt but it startled us. :0)

My advice: plan to start hiking by 8am. Take plenty of water. Don't stay too long or stay til dusk because 100 degrees hiking out feels like 150. Please, if you take your dog, make SURE they are wearing booties!!!!! The ground is too hot, there is not much shade, and the stickers and fox tails are abundant. We did not and should have (and usually do) known better. We ended up tearing up a shirt and wrapping her feet.

All in all it's a pretty trail. But maybe best saved for a 90 degree max day.

nice hike, swimming next to falls was so nice and refreshing!

The waterfalls were awesome. Swimming in the creek was fantastic. I recommend taking the single track to the left if you are hiking.

An awesome hike! The falls are worth a swim!

Hi guys!
I hiked this in 100+ degrees with a backpack full of 32 oz waters and beer. IT IS POSSIBLE but it is harsh, not a lot of shade, hot dry and then all of a sudden just when you think you can't make it any longer you hear water. There's the bridge you go over once you park and go to the right to start the trail, then after about 20 minutes there is a Y....I would reccomend to go RIGHT, it's more shade and along the river I didn't realize it until I was coming back. I went LEFT at the Y and didn't get a chance to see the lower falls and ended up straight at the upper falls, where I jumped the 90ft waterfall. I would advise against it especially for inexperienced cliff jumpers. So, after jumping I immediately wanted to go home because my body was in shock. If I would have went right at the Y I would have had a chance to explore before the upper falls but the LEFT at the Y will take you on a dry skinny trail with no "view" like everyone says and no river access until you reach the top. Have fun you guys and make sure not to miss the spenceville turn from camp far west like I did!!!!

This is a great trail for the family! I recommend starting very early as a majority of the trail is exposed. Bring your swimsuit and water shoes, if you plan on going during the summer months. We took a refreshing dip in a swimming pool down below the lower Falls. Some of the trail is made up of dirt roads and some of it drops to a single person trail. We saw beautiful scenery and enjoyed every minute of it. We will definitely be coming back again. The only downside is the car ride getting to the trail head is extremely bumpy and must be driven extremely slow.