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3 days ago

We weren’t impressed. This is an in and out hike, which we knew to begin with. The hike halfway in was nice and very easy. It was also wide enough and very level for wheel chair accessibility. The wooden switchback was blocked off and deemed unsafe. We were able to navigate our way down but definitely not accessible in a wheelchair. It was the only point on the hike that any water was visible. The second half of the way in was level and very easy for an able person. The trail narrowed to the point that a wheel chair would not fit and tons of poison oak encroached the path. There was also two fallen trees blocking the path. The trail led to an end of trail marker...a huge disappointment for myself and my two teen boys. Apparently, in other reviews, we could have crossed what appeared to be a county maintained gravel road and scaled down some boulders to a swim pond. Didn’t realize that until later. We headed back and then drove down the hill to the bridge where we joined several others at the swimming hole. Lots of fun there. Next time, that’s where we will spend our time.

We parked close to the covered bridge to go swimming in the Yuba River. It was such a nice area with sand and the water was the perfect temp and not too deep. There where people here but not too many. It’s such a pretty area! We will be back for sure! There’s walking trails near by so next time we will do some trails and end with swimming in the river! 

I am in a wheelchair (power) and this was amazing!!

Just wanted to clarify that following the dirt road to the right at the end of the trail leads to an absolutely beautiful spot but the loop back to the trail is a very tough vertical hike. You will find it on the other side of a wooden foot bridge.

Nice hike. Easy. Dog and kid friendly. Covered in poison oak and mosquitoes so bring bug repellent and wear pants. Beautiful and the swimming hole is amazing. Easy hike until the last bit then it’s steep with boulder climbing. We were able to do it with the dog and a 5 yr old in tow. Nude beach, but still nice people are respectful. There is also a cool cave at the bottom that you can crawl through. ( you will get wet) once you get to the crossroads about 2.5 miles in make a left then a right. You will here the water. If you go straight at the crossroads you can probably make your way down, but it was too steep for us to try with a dog in tow.

13 days ago

really nice trail

so much beauty

19 days ago

Beautiful vistas and nice amount of tree coverage but there is A LOT of poison oak on this trail. Something to note the road going into this trail head does turn into a dirt road. Nothing crazy, more like a fire road, but just something to note.

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23 days ago

This has easily became one of my favorite hikes near me! Th hike is very much covered and surrounded my trees so minimal sun beams through. I definitely recommend to wear bug repellent, I literally got eaten alive.. The swimming hole is so beautiful, although I do inform you there will be a lot of nude people so expect that when you go down. There's plenty of rocks for people to relax and picnic even too. I should have taken a photo to show you when to make that left turn to get down to the water but you won't miss it if others are going too. When you see two dry dirt roads that split, that's when you'll make a left and go down from there. Other than that, this is my number one place! Def give it a shot.

Easy hike. Bring bug spray and watch for poison oak. It’s everywhere. We were a little confused about .5 miles into hike there was a trail that leads down. Jones Bar. We took it and realized a mile in that we were off the trail and had to turn around. So stay on the upper trail.

took my 3 year old

TONS of poison oak, but beautiful views from the trail. Found an awesome campsite in between the day use areas right on the river to enjoy. Some parts of the side trails are nearly straight up and down. Great fishing.

It's a very easy walk for strollers, well-behaved pets, and well-behaved 4-year-olds... but it's too easy to be a real "hike". I absolutely love that it's wheelchair accessible, and I saw a young lady out enjoying her outing with seemingly no problems. The view is amazing with beautiful flora!! The trail is clean and very well groomed with picnic tables and benches, but long pants are advised as Poison Oak grows in abundance near (and onto!) the pathway. Some areas can get hot where the breeze just doesn't reach.

We hiked this Memorial Day weekend. The flowers were still blooming, the water was amazing and we had such an enjoyable time.

Easy , great views of the river, $10 parking fee

26 days ago

Nice botany hike with my CNPS colleagues. A lot of cool plants along the this little snippet of trail. I want to go back and hike some other areas, soon. Although I will be looking at plants, I can get more miles in with a smaller group.

28 days ago

Too easy for a hike but definitely a breath taking beautiful nature walk. Oh I forgot the mosquito repellent and was bit many times so don’t forget yours.

beautiful hike! i knew better then to leave the house without bug spray(lesson learned). There is many mosquitoes and a ton of poison oak . it was so nice overall and i will be going again forsure. very easy hike


beautiful easy trail with good accessibility.

Nice walk - nothing difficult. Not well marked at the end so tough to get down to the river. We ended up using a “trail” that required we navigate some big boulders (and lots of poison oak) but in the end it was all worth it

Beautiful hike, great scenic views of Yuba river. Easy walk with plenty of places to sit down and rest, very slightly up and downs.

Great easy hike. Found a few newts along the way. The end has a beautiful view of the river.

Great, easy hike with great views. We didn’t know you can make a loop and go down to the river. We went to the end of the trail and turned around and went back the way we came, so I would suggest that if you want to get to the river turn right at end end of the trail and follow the dirt road. All in all a really great hike.

The trail was awesome, easily accessible, and beautiful! The weather was perfect and the trail is full of many shady spots along the way to let the dogs take a rest and drink! The only reason the trail didn’t get 5 stars is due to the fact that there were massive amounts of poison oak growing alongside the trail, mosquitos (shady, moist, and warm, we should have known lol), and water access was not possible with the dogs...the descent was too steep. If you can handle the cons then the trail is MOST DEFINITELY worth the pros!

Beautiful hike with great river views. lots of poison oak.

Great trail for your dogs, beautiful butterflies 曆. Trail is easy and many wooden bridges to cross.

Too crowded!


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