this Trail offers almost everything. It's relatively long, for a trail rated moderate, but the ascent is very gradual, on a well maintained, and easy to follow path. There are two or three places where the trail itself goes over bare rock, which could be a problem, but there are piles of stones to direct hikers along the best line. The scenery is varied and often stunning. At one point both Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta can be seen. To the east, are dried Lake beds and Salt Flats marking Nevada. there are two there are two Lakes alone the trail, the first more of a small pond, and the second a spectacularly beautiful high alpine lake at the base of high cliffs. When we were there, in late June, there were snow fields running down into the water. It was as beautiful as any Lake we have seen, perhaps outside of glacier National Park. The trail is long, with traverses on hillsides and over ridges, but it is more than worth the effort. If you should happen to hit it in early summer, as we did, the wildflowers alone are enough reward for anyone.