Fun little hike with a great view at the top. Managed to make it up and down in about an hour and a half.

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4 months ago

This trail is so much fun! We loved some of the views and a lot of fun bouncing and well maintained trail.
Definitely glad we had some clearnace but no real boulders or rocks. There are separate sections you can take a vehicle with big tires up on rocks too if you want.
Overall a great trail!

Not sure if I would call this hike easy, but it really isn't moderate or hard.
This isn't a flat hike. It does have some incline in a couple of spots.

My Garmin shows we did 21.3 miles on this loop. We also decided to do this loop C'Clock wise and started from the Parking lot of Big Meadows Trail head.
Our Goal was to make Showers Lake for day 1. That's fine but it was 12.4 miles mostly up hill.( 2425' elev. gain in 9.6 miles) Add an extra hour to your plans if you do this with heavy night packs.
From Big Meadow parking lot we walked down Upper Truckee Rd and caught the Hawley Grade Trail. The trail was up hill but not bad at all! We hit hwy 50 and a short trek to the Adventure Mountain parking area got us back on trail. Note, the trail starts just before the gate.
Day 1 was hard but finished up with very easy 8 remaining miles on day 2. Mostly flat and down hill after Showers lake.
Awesome views all the way.

We did a six mile hike on this trail up in the mountains. It was awesome! We loved it. It took us down to the south side of Lake Tahoe. We plan on going back in a few years. We were on vacating in Tahoe. This was our first time visiting there.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

This is a beautiful hike, but it's rated hard for a reason! Some of the trail markers are different than the names on the trail map so it's easy to lose your way. There are multiple lakes and a couple small waterfalls, even during the summer, and the changes in terrain are amazing, but the last couple miles of the hike are extremely steep and it's easy to lose the trail. I can imagine coming up from that end of the loop would have been even harder. At the very end there's a sign stating that it is not maintained, would have been nice to know. All in all it took us 2.5 hours longer than we expected, accounting for the times we had to turn back after going down incorrect trails. Be sure you leave prepared and give yourself plenty of time! If you do this you will be greatly rewarded. It was absolutely gorgeous and quite a work out. At the end before descending the steepest part of the trail there's a breathtaking view of both Fallen Leaf Lake and South Lake Tahoe. Happy trails!!

This has been one of my favorite hikes along the Tahoe Rim Trail so far. We had one vehicle, but doing some research, I found that we can park at Echo Summit (Adventure Mt.) walk a short distance to the Hawley Grade Trail and make our way Upper Trucky Rd and access the Big Meadow Trail-head. It added a good amount of distance on our overnight but it was part of the adventure. Our goal was to make Showers Lake and camp out, but it was fairly crowded by the time we arrived. We pushed a couple more miles and found a clearing and some great solitude at one the higher points of this hike. I could not have asked for a better view to wake up to. There were still some snow patches, but not enough to slow us down and tons of streams, creeks, and lakes to keep us going. Do not miss out on seeing Neiss Cabin and take on all the hike has to offer.

4 months ago

Tuesday, July 26, 2016