This is a great, all paved trail for people looking for a nice stroll, children, or elderly people. There are flowers from different landscapes along the way.

It's nature, right in your backyard.
If you are looking for a gnarly trail to conquer, this isn't the place. But if you are looking for a pleasant nature walk, it's hard to beat, since it is but a mere 10-15 minute drive from home.
A terrific place to spend a couple of hours outside, without having to get all geared up.

It would help to know the Ticket prices or Entrance fee listed on this App.

Beautiful well kept!

Great trail and a beautiful garden. Lots of plants and trees and flowers. It's a nice and peaceful walk. They even have a gift shop and food trucks.

trail running
1 year ago

Nice short trail. Great for running!

It was beautiful throughout most of the garden and it was peaceful and quiet. I even had a picnic in there.However, there were a few spaces that were bare and dry and they looked unappealing. But, I would recommend it to anybody who wants a calm relaxing hike or walk.

I couldn't wait more to get a membership at the gate, on my first visit. and it's worth the money I spent. very beautiful. Now I can't wait to go back again.

Such a beautiful garden! Plenty of trails to wander through and things to see! I will absolutely return if I have the

Nice trail, beautiful flowers, and trees.