Park Information This San Diego beach features swimming, surfing, skin diving, fishing and picnicking. The large bluff-top campground is very popular, especially in summer. Stairs lead to the beach. Campground showers---TOKEN operated Token machines at ranger station and campfire center Tokens available upon check-in Service Reductions California State Parks is implementing service reductions in order to meet Department budget cuts this fiscal year. Service reductions implemented Fall 2009 through Summer 2010 include one loop of the campground closed October 2009 - February 2010, day-use parking at South Ponto by automatic pay machine only, facilities maintenance reduced 50%, including trash cleanup, and reduced lifeguard service. Visitors are encouraged to 'Pack it in, Pack it out', so the beach remains free of trash. These service reductions are designed to ensure that California State Parks achieve cost savings, minimize disruption to visitors as much as possible, and maintain revenue at the highest level possible.

Rocky walk on the beach. Tide must be out or you have to walk on the bluff which runs along side the road at some parts.

Beautiful scenery! And all those rocks!

scenic driving
3 months ago

Nice sunsets

The parking was surprisingly easy, but the path to the wooden stairs to descend onto the rocky beach was slightly difficult to locate. I would suggest checking the tide schedule, as high tide decreases the amount of beach to hike/ walk upon, if you are squirmish about wet socks and shoes. Clean beach with beautiful vistas!
Very easy hike; great scenery with lots of surfers in the waters! Maybe my starting point was off, but from the parking lot and heading as far left, once on the beach was less than 1ml.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Beautiful beach to walk on, plenty of places to visit (for dinner) on the way back via the street. Pay attention to the tides before you go.

Thursday, April 27, 2017